Turn back or stop being vip

Is It possible to stop being vip membership??

I bought the standard game, I play races for 15 or 20 minutes in free play, at the end of race the roulette, before, run 3 or 4 times, and now with vip 2 or 3.

F7 game october 2018

Vip membership february 2019

VIP doesn’t change the XP you get from races.

You could always uninstall VIP

If you want a refund on it you would need to contact Microsoft support since they are the retailer
No one here can do it

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I believe he is confused by the fact he is getting “less” rewards.

Obviously the XP needed per level is more, so he is getting less rewards after his free play races and has somehow come to the conclusion it is because of VIP rather than the extra XP required to increase to the next level.

No, the XP needed isn’t exponentially increased to reach the next level. It’s 25k XP for each level.

thanks to everyone.
I only need to buy 10 more expensive cars than the 400,000cr discount.
My idea was to complete the garage through the auction house, but I feel … strange now.
I still thinking about. After 30 laps in laguna seca, only one turn of roulette