Turn 10 I'm Disappointed In You :(

I’ve been in the Forza game since 2005 and Turn I gotta pull your ear so you can hear this. You had two years to develop this game and all we get is one new track? Before something tries to tell me 4k textures are time consuming, keep quiet because up scaling is easier than damn building from scratch, especially when you import and tweak the 4k assets off of PC via Apex. Its not like you couldn’t, you were on location in Dubai to get photos to make the Dubai track. Well the Dubai Autodrome was down the street. Bill Giese said he and the Turn 10 team were on location in South Africa and that how they met and agreed with Porsche to debut the 911 GT2RS, yet Porsche own Kyalami now. I run an IMSA and WEC series still waiting on Mosport, Mexico, Fuji and Shanghai. I would’ve thought that Mosport would be one of the ones in the game as that and Belle Isle are the only IMSA tracks not in the game. From what I’ve seen theres nothing new in terms of race cars, this is a Motorsport game, who cares of street cars. Thats what Horizon 3 should be about, just saying. You have the Porsche license yet you only have the 2012 GT3 RSR, is there something wrong with this picture? Theres no GT3 R nor Cup car. Yes I know you have the 2017 919 good job and thanks but one new race car over obvious commissions is a problem (I suspect I will have to pay for the tso50 or R18 as dlc). The BMW M6 GTE and GT3 aren’t there, just the '09 M3, not even the dominate 2012 one. None of the last gen P2s. I can’t believe I forgot this Ferrari license but no 488 GTE or GT3. You haven;t even included the GTE or GT2 era Aston. There is one Super GT car and one of the tracks. This game feels like one of those $20 or $30 standalone expansions or Forza 6.5. And who designed the tracks for Forza 1??? Full New York, Old Rio, Tokyo Circuit & Alpine Ring were awesome, yet no fictional tracks since then have seemed as good, it seems today that really fictional tracks are mere tech showcases than anything. Oh and this just hit me, Turn 10 signs Change Racing deal to bring Hurican GT3 to Forza series. Sends Forza 6 people a damn Super Trofeo car with the Change livery, yet another slap in the face. Look I know cars and tracks can come as DLC. I know this thats not the point. The point is that I feel as a person who owns every piece of DLC since Forza 1 you have let us down. I’d hope track DLC would be free, this go around at the very least. I could see if you delayed Forza 7 for a bit and just introduced what you have shown off as like a $20 or $30 expansion to players and anyone wanting the full game just change them the full $60 for everything. To be honest I would like if I could just pay $30 or $40 dollars for all tracks and just race cars for subsequent games. If someone says you don’t have to buy, you once again completely missed the point . Good Day


SO, just don’t buy it.


Thankyou for your feedback.