tuning order

ok guys I understand the principals of tuning , and what to upgrade , what I would like to know is, in what order do u start to fine tune the car, what do u start with first , tyres ,springs ???

Once I get my initial settings (I use a combination of formulas, guesstimates, and one-size-fits-all standards for these), I’ll do a quick test run of the car and see if there’s anything screamingly obvious that needs work. If so, I fix that first. If not, this is the order I’ll typically go in (and why):

  1. Spring rate and ride height. These are mostly dictated by the weight of the car and the amount of wheel travel you need, so they can be set early on.
  2. Bump damping. Getting body motion under control needs to be done early, otherwise you’ll spend your time chasing your tail.
  3. Rebound damping. Same as above.
  4. Brake bias. Bad bias can make your car do stupid, counterintuitive things. Getting this set before you start fine-tuning other bits will keep you from trying to “fix handling problems” that are really brake bias problems.
  5. ARBs. I only set the “overall” strength here (keeping front and rear the same), as that has the biggest impact on body motion. Front/rear balance can be adjusted later.[/list]

After you get the “primary” settings roughed in, you’ll want to take the car for a good, long test drive and get a feel for which “secondary” settings need the most attention. I usually start with camber, but the other settings (including gearing) can also have a major impact on the car’s behavior. Once I get the secondary settings pretty well roughed in, I’ll re-check everything to make sure it’s still working well and make any fine adjustments that may be needed.

Finally, after all that’s done, I decide I’m not happy with the build, revert the car back to stock, and start all over from scratch. Rinse and repeat.

cheers that’s a great help thank you