Tune Download Numbers Missing?

One thing I’ve noticed in recent days is that I can no longer see how many tuning setup downloads I’ve had for a particular vehicle since a couple of days ago.

Used to be able to go from either from either MY TUNING SETUPS in Horizon Home or from the pause menu, then CARS>TUNE CAR>SETUP MANAGER>LOAD SETUP>MY TUNES and selecting a tune would show how many time it had been downloaded, but this has changed to show just CREATOR, DESCRIPTION & PRIVACY

Anyone else had this happen?

I have never been able to see download stats for single tunes in this game

I must have dreamed it then, but was sure I could check them as long as I was in the vehicle.

It’s always bugged me when in Creative Hub, that you cannot check the stats so you can delete unpopular tunes and keep the popular ones, but I’m sure you used to be able to check the number downloaded of a particular tune as long as you were in the car in question.

Do you still play other forza games?

In some of the previous ones you could.

Also given my suspicions each platform has a different game version maybe you could here but I have never seen it.

it’s not easy, but it’s possible. the only way i know is to search for tunes by your own gamertag, download and install the tune you’re curious about, then go back into the load or save menu and click on that tune. you’ll probably have two of the same tune now since you just downloaded and installed a duplicate, but one of those will have your download stats.

sorry, reading that back it probably made as little sense as most of the stuff in fh5.

Wow that is just nuts.

Thanks for the info.

Yeah it disappeared in one of the updates. I think it was there during the first few weeks.