Ttsa - the hill climb - points drifting

We at TTSA is always looking for ways to improve your Forza drifting experience which basically involves tandem runs. But this time we looking for all those that are interested in “points drifting”. This will a trial run to see whether this tournament can be used at a bigger scale. There will be 40 spots available and competitors will be required to register on Challonge wesite: . More details will be available once 40 entries has been reached.

There will be no judges.
It’s just you and your opponent and the best out of 5 wins.
5 specific tracks with set number of laps.
There will be 6 rounds and each one has 5 different tracks and laps.

Link doesn’t work.

What types of cars are allowed, drivetrain, etc?

If AWD is ok, count me in

Signed up im really keen to throw done some points! I’ll see if my team wants to enter, message me on xbox live about the event plz


1. Event Info
2. Game Play
3. Car Regulations
4. Weight and Tire Classes
5. Connection and Being Late
6. Terms and Condition
7. Tracks and Dates

1. Event Info

All competitors must be register on the Challonge website in order to compete in this ladder tournament.

Registration will close on once 40 entries has been registered or announced otherwise


Drivers will complete in a head-to-head battle for the most drift points at the end of the set laps therefore no judges will be required. Lobbies must be set to private. Spectators are only allowed if both players agree to it and don’t cause any lag Nat or issues.


All of the Settings and Restrictions are listed below.

The hosting player is responsible for setting up the game with the correct track, enabling collision, simulation damage and end race timer. Starting a game with the wrong settings will result in a forfeit for the rounds in which the incorrect settings were used IF the settings affected gameplay. If a game is played out of order, the hosting player will forfeit the game. (I.e. If Topgear is Game 3, but played as Game 1, the player that hosted Topgear will forfeit that game.)

Track Order Example

Round 1: Tsukuba Short (10 Laps)
Round 2: Topgear Full (5 Laps)
Round 3: Catalunya School (10 Laps)
Round 4: Iberian Short (6 Laps)
Round 5: Suzuka West (6 Laps)

Each week the tracks and laps will until end of ladder.

Car Swaps and Tune swaps
Drifters are not allowed car swaps in the same week.
Drifters are allowed to change the tune of the cars, but changing parts are not allowed during the event.

Decal Placement on Cars
The window banner must be place on front roof of the car.
The number box should be placed on both sides of the door.
The Facebook link must be placed on front or rear bumper.
Your national flag with gamertag must be place on both side of door under mirror/window.
Drivers are allowed to apply their own design, theme and sponsor decals.
(All of the above can be purchase on BEEMERSTEIN storefront)


Sponsor/s decal is mandatory.

2. Gameplay

All battles will be best of 5 Games.
Using any Restricted Item listed will result in a forfeit of the game.
We highly recommend that all players appear offline and set their Friends List to Private during the battles. However, players are not required to do either of these things.
After a game lobby has been created, only players and Staff members may be invited/join.
If a player lags out of a game during before first turn, the game must be restarted. If a player lags out of a game after the first lap, the round will be awarded to the player that still in game.
If a player lags out and disconnects from xbox live, the player will be given 5 minutes for each round to join host or other player to complete the unfinished rounds.
Any form of cheating, glitching, abusing in-game mechanics, or unsportsmanlike behaviour may result in a forfeit of a Round/Track, Battle, or Ban from this Ladder Tournament. Punishable unsportsmanlike behaviour includes, but is not limited to, excessive use of foul or degrading language. In addition, breaking any rule may result in a forfeit of a Round/Track, forfeit of a game, Verbal Warning or Ban from Staff.
Online Tournament Staff reserve the right to stream any battle in this tournament. If your game is chosen, you are to cooperate fully with the staff that is in your game. Any community casters that join are not to be kicked from the lobby for any reason.
If a game should tie, it must be replayed.


The rules are subject to change at any time before the registration deadline, so check them often. In extremely rare cases, rules may be altered after the tournament has started.
Users are prohibited from sharing account information stored on Challonge website with another person for any reason. This includes, but is not limited to the following: usernames, passwords, gamertags, email accounts, etc. If another person accesses your account, you may be disqualified from the event and removed.

All Battles

No warm-up or practice games are permitted once the first round has begun.
If a game is played before the scheduled time, it will not be considered a warm-up and will count as the official scores. No warm-ups, or practices between teams are allowed during Online Tournament play.
For any allegations of cheating, wrong upgrades used, glitching, etc., you must immediately submit a Ticket along with your proof of the accusation. Glitching accusations must be supported by video proof. Video proof can be edited to include only the section where the offense takes place; however, the video MUST include the score screen at one point.
Players may delay a battle for up to ten minutes.
If the Host incorrectly ends a game, that player may forfeit the game.
Users are allowed to use party chat during games.

Bracket Play

This Qualifier has a limit of 32 players.
After losing a battle, the player will be eliminated from the Bracket.
If a battle is not played, and neither player submits a Ticket requesting the forfeit win, the game win will be decided by an Admin.
Players will be seeded randomly

Game will be set for each Round of the Bracket as follows:
• Top (32): Date TBA
• Top (16): Date TBA
• Top (8): Date TBA
• Semi Finals & Finals: Date TBA

Top 32:
Tsukuba Short - 10laps, Maple Valley Short – 10laps, Catalunya School – 10laps, Suzuka – 10laps, Camino School – 20laps

Top 16:
Sedona – 5 laps, Maple Valley – 5laps, Bernise Alps R – 5laps, Mugello – 5laps, Camino Viejo – 10laps

Top 8:
Suzuka Full - 5laps, Sunset Peninsula - 5 laps, Ladera – 5laps, Catalunya 5laps, Rally Di Positano R – 10laps

Rally Di Positano – 5laps, Laguna Seca – 5 laps, Infineon Raceway – 5laps, Bernise Alps – 5laps, Indianapolis – 10 laps

Camino Viejo Extreme (5laps), Sedona Raceway (4laps), Silverstone (3Laps), Fujimi Kaido (2laps), Nurburgring Nordschleife (1lap)


The Host is the player who must create a Custom Games Lobby for a game and ensure that the proper Settings and Map are being used.
All players must agree that the Host is reasonable before the start of a game.
If a player’s connection to the Host becomes unreasonable during a game, the game must still be played. After each game, either player may request that a new Host be tested, if the previous Host was unreasonable. The round/game where connection became unreasonable will not be replayed.


Both players must report the game 10 minutes after completion. If an opposition player does not report a game, a ticket must be launched with proof of the result.

3. Car Regulations: Parts that are allowed on cars

Engine and Power
Stock, Street, Sport, and Race Parts are allowed for the following:
Air Filter, Fuel System, Ignition, Displacement, Piston and Compression, Intercooler, Oil and Cooling and Flywheel.

Platform and Handling
Stock, Street, Sport, and Race are allowed for the following:
Brakes, Springs and Dampers, Front and Rear Anti-Roll Bars.
Roll Cage is mandatory in all cars. If any car doesn’t have one, contact the organizer to discuss if the car will be allowed to enter.
Stock, Street, Sport, and Race Weight Reduction is allowed. Make sure it falls into the class of the weight requirement

Stock, Street, Sports, and Race are allowed for the following:
Clutch, Transmission, Driveline, and Differential

Tyres and Rims
Tyre Compound: Stock and Street are allowed
Front tyre width can go high as possible
Rear Tyre width must fall into the weight of the car.
Any rim and rim size is allowed

Aero and Appearance
All aero and appearance is allowed on cars

Engine Swaps: All engine swaps are allowed
Drivetrain Swaps: All swaps must be RWD

Aspiration Conversion
Natural Aspiration is allowed.
Single, and Twin Turbo is allowed
Centrifugal Supercharger is allowed
Twin-Screw Supercharger is allowed.

Street Tyres or Stock Tyres is allowed
No Sport Tyres, No Race Tyres, No Drag Tyres
No Front Positive Camber
Rear Positive camber is allowed
RWD only
Up to 650 pi S Class and NO Lower than A540 pi
No Trucks or Suv’s
No Modded cars

Banned Cars
All unicorn cars
All DLC cars
All Porsche
All Fwd to Rwd Conversions
RMR Genesis

4. Weight and Tire Classes
2100-2399lbs (950-1088kg) up to 245mm
2400-2699lbs (1089-1224kg) up to 255mm
2700-2799lbs (1245-1269kg) up to 265mm
2800-2899lbs (1270-1314kg) up to 275mm
2900-2999lbs (1315-1360kg) up to 285mm
3000-3099lbs (1361-1405kg) up to 295mm
3100-3199lbs (1406-1451kg) up to 305mm
3200-3299lbs (1452-1496kg) up to 315mm
Anything over the weight to tyre must be stock tire with stock width.

5. Connection and Being Late
Connection to game- Your battle will be pushed to the next lobby or make a new lobby with you and your opponent.
Lag testing-You can lag test, but will no longer be allowed to do lag runs on the course. Take it somewhere off the section.
Wheel and Controller issue- TTSA will not allow a redo. Wheel drifters check your equipment before battling, and controller drifters check for enough battery life.
Being Late- If you feel that you are going to make battles, but show up late. Keep your opponent informed at least 2 hours before the time. This way your battle can be pushed back.

Talking during other people runs – Useless chatter in game chat will not be entertained. Make a private party chat and your spotter. That way it will be quite and you can concentrate on your runs.
However we have found a solution for the tandem battles which became very useful in the past, CHALLONGE. Its help organising elimination bracket and everything is live, not only will everyone who is in top 32 who you will be up against and in which order, the points and winner can be seen immediately.

Sample of bracket result.

6. Terms and Conditions
All drivers must register for each round to enter/complete at an event.

Ban and Suspend
1 offense=Suspend
2 offense= Rest of the season
3rd offense=Ban
-Posting pictures after rounds creating drama = Suspend
-Creating drama on the stream = Suspend
-Drama after the round about a battle = Suspend
-No talking mess to drivers or organizers= Suspend
-Driving on the track without being told so = 2 Warning= suspend
-Being loud while cars are going. 2 Warnings= Suspend
-Tampering with other drivers or organizers internet= Permanent Ban
-Anything illegal on the car during the event = 1st time is a DQ from round, and loss of events points, 2nd time = a half season suspension, and loss of season points.

If you have any problems about a round, please submit a ticket on the website or alternatively send an email to

7. Tracks and Dates

“Failing to plan is planning to fail”

• Week 1 – TBA

• Week 2 – TBA

• Week 3 – TBA

• Week 4 – TBA

• Week 5 – TBA

• Week 6 – TBA

• Week 7 – TBA

• Week 8 – TBA

• Bracket Elimination begins – TBA


If it’s not fun it’s not drifting

Compiled by Beemerstein
Version 1.1

Your rules are so stupid!! You know nothing about points drifting, sim damage? Tyres will wear out, you get rammed your stuffed, Restricted car class? People may want to run lower or higher class. Collisions you Rammed lose your points. Stock or street tyres most points are done with drag. Rwd s class theres a hole lot more than that for points. 1v1 for each person thats silly have the entire competition in the one game podiums only its not tandem silly and surfmastercraft will agree because we are both high ranked points driftera My 2cents worth but hey its your competition

Heres a list of decent scores for each of the tracks
Tskuba short - 32000 a lap
Top Gear Full 58000 a lap
Catluyna School 38000 a lap
Iberian Short 23000 a lap
Suzuka West 40000 a lap

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I can’t see why the rules are so stupid. LIKE OMG! It may not be to your liking but doesn’t mean it can’t work. And yes, I don’t know much about “points” drifting and yes I am not good in it either. I cant even come close to that scores you listed. The reason for this ladder tournament is is to create competition and not using forza leaderboards that’s rigged because of modders. There are still many people in unlimited RWD & AWD lobbies that does points drifting. This competition is aimed for them as there many tournaments on Forza 4 but at a higher level which doesn’t allow them (Noob drifters) to compete in. Like I said before this is a trial run. Let see what happen and iron-out all the creases afterwards.

Thinking of it its exactly a good set up even though there should have some changes but if its weekly rounds of 1 track I like it, eliminations would be cool

If you want to do a points drift competition, I suggest to do it how it was done in the past. Here is a link, . You will notice there are no rules and it is based on best score of 3 tracks added up. You will also notice that in Forza 4 prime there was less than 40 people competing. Your rules are ridiculous and will deter anyone from playing.

I second this, along with most of happydays’ points.

I see this competition as a way for tandem crews to get into points drifting using their preferred rules and car setups so as to strongarm those who have done it before and those who are better.

It is your competition, and you can do it how you like it, but sim damage on is going to be a cluster of epic proportions.

Please reconsider your rules, as this was a good initial idea and these ultra-restrictive rules might scare off potential competitors.

Also, is their a rule prohibiting turnbacks/backups? If not, there should be.

Gonna be banging my head against a wall learning to tune and drive rwd cars in this spec, but again it is your comp to do with as you please.

Plucky plucker is saw you have no team on fm4 I invited you to my top 5 drift team be pretty cool on if you joined :slight_smile:

Also, are engine upgrades not specified under that section allowed?

ie exhaust, camshaft, etc.?

Also, how do we claim #s?

If it is freeforall, calling 25x

I really do appreciate all the feedback. To me, it’s shows that people are interested. The rules I compiled is based on tandem drifting. But I do hear what yoll are saying and I really do like Legend of Dice idea which can definitely be used. But I have done a practice run last night with a couple of randoms also joining session. Track 1. Tsukuba Short - 10laps, Track 2. Maple Valley Short – 10laps, Track 3. Catalunya School – 10laps, Track 4. Suzuka – 10laps, Track 5. Camino School – 20laps. I also used different cars for each track which I know is not allowed but still using the above rules. I can say this, It takes alot of concentration and by the time I came to the forth track I could feel the fatigue. I can also say this that using sim damage has its ups and downs. The tyre wear is exactly what I was aiming for but rolling the car and had 100% damage wasn’t cause I could complete the round. So yes, the rules might seem be extensive but is very basic coming from tandem drifting changes where made to my knowledge of points drifting. If anyone can list suggestions of things to be changed/removed/included please feel free to do so. On another note please don’t call it my tournament, I am just bringing something to the table for the Forza Drift community as I can’t find any other events that is willing to cater for drifters, veterans or newbies.

Remove sim damage - do it like dice best laps not having loads of laps - everyone same lobbie

Ok, lets remove sim damage but having to do best lap would be the same like Forza Rivals. So accumulated points it will be.
Please understand, the direction I am aimed for is for a ladder system. Where be can see most wins, win streaks and loses.
Having everyone in one lobby, takes time cause we will always be waiting to people to join and again is the same as unlimited RWD & AWD lobbies.
This is Head-2-Head battles, just you and your opponent. However we can have the two class as done by Dice RWD & AWD.

Will add no turnbacks or backups. (This is kinda irrelevant as the race end timer will be set on 25 seconds). So you would automatically have to keep up with your opponent)

I also like it and I know 10 laps is brutal. 3-5 laps I think it’s too little, obviously dependent on the track.
But remember in public lobbies the drifting sessions are mostly set on 10 minutes by host. It takes less than a 1min to do a lap on tsukuba, maple, etc.

Anything over 700 pi is over-kill for RWD. So let’s bump it up to S700 from S650.
Maybe for AWD, then 750pi yes. Maybe even 800pi. (This is for future)

I kinda like the consistency element brought into play, but 10 laps is brutal. Try 3-5 at most, and keep it as a race total and not best lap.

Sim damage needs to go. Tire wear would be interesting in a racing battle, but having every person spin out or having to take shallow angles by the last few laps is a bit lame.

I personally would like to have my Dodge Dart (AWD, drag tires, pi in the mid 700s, and DLC) legal for comp, but seeing how that is probably never going to happen I ask that the restrictions are bumped up to pi750, all upgrades sans tires legal. Drag and race tires seem affect other people to varying degrees, with race tires being the major culprit. Most points cars run drag tires, but they would never work unless sim damage is off. Only a few people know how to drive a car with fully cooked drag tires, and the rear tires would be done a few laps before the fronts. Hilarity would most definitely ensue.

Turnbacks/backups should be addressed as always, but other than that I get it.

This comp is maybe something that bridges the gap between points goons and door riders. Concessions should be made so it doesn’t cater to one group exclusively, and finding that nice balance is going to be hard.

Good luck man.

Race timer 25seconds no way atleast 4 minutes, keeping up? Why to get rammed or have and accident lose your lap score