Tribal Dragon Vinyls?

I’m searching for any tribal dragon-themed vinyls that I can get my hands on, something that goes well with a black, red and white color scheme. In FH3 I found a fantastic black tribal castle-dragon-style face with white eyes that was peeeeeerfect for the hood of my car, but I’ve searched directly from the game and there isn’t much yet, maybe because the game is still so new? But I’ve heard good stuff about the reputation of requests for liveries so I figured I’d ask to see what I can come up with.


If you have a specific image in mind then a pic or two would help I reckon :slightly_smiling_face:

I do, the problem is that it is from Forza horizon 3 so I don’t exactly have an excellent picture of what we’re looking for. I may be able to go back to that game and grab some images of the previous designs we had and then upload those here.

Just go back to FH3 , find the vinyl in your groups and can see the creator, just message them (or stalk them to see if they are playing FH4!) and that may work.


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