Trading Pre-orders for Missing Cars

I’m trying to collect the last few cars. I’m nearly there. Less than 30 to go. Take a look. Will trade Pre-order cars for 'em.

Mercedes-Benz 280SL

Quartz Regalia Type D

B Class
Mercedes-Benz AMG G63 6x6

A Class
Honda Civic Type R 2018
MBW Z4 2019
Mercedes-AMG GT 4-door

S1 Class
Rossion Q1
ItalDesign Zerouno

S2 Class
Lamborghini Diablo GTR
Ferrari 488 Pista
Maserati MC12 Corsa
Bugatti Divo
Rimac Concept Two

An observant person will notice that’s less than 29, and that’s because I’m leaving off anything I can buy in the Autoshow because with a few exceptions, those aren’t that expensive and SOME of them are MORE expensive in the Auction House…which I don’t fully understand. No, the painted and tuned ones sure, but…I’ve seen stock McLaren F1 GTs being sold for like 1.8 million more than their store price. That’s an insane markup.

Anyway, if you have one, and wanna trade, just PM or add me to your friends list. The Pre-Order cars I have:
1. Aston Martin DB11 Pre-Order
2. Porsche 911 GT2 Pre-Order
3. Nissan GT-R Pre-Order
4. McLaren 720S Pre-Order
5. Mercedes AMG GT R Pre-Order

Good trade, sadly I sold mine for 12 million a few weeks back

What are the 4 other cars?

1. Bugatti T 35
2. Chevy Monte Carlo
3. VW Ghia
4. Mercedes-Benz 280SL
5. Honda Prelude Si

I have a Bugatti T35 if you want it? PM me

Picked up the Bugatti today. So, now, there’s only about 35 million credits worth of D-Class cars to get. To be fair, it’s not as bad as S1, though. Those have stuff like the AMG GT 4-Door, Dodge Demon and the Aston DBS SL.

But, I’ll still trade away my Pre-Order Cars to finish my D-Class.

I have 40 million for the two pre-order cars. That good?

Which two Pre-orders you want? I have a few:

  1. Aston Martin DB11
  2. Porche 911 GT2 RS
  3. Nissan GT-R
  4. McLaren 720S Coupe
  5. Mercedes-AMG GT-R

Hey, to yall who just got the Ghia, this offer is still on the table. Trade ya one of my pre-order cars for a Ghia.