Toyota Mark II 1992-1996

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1995 Toyota Mark ll Tourer-V

The Mark II was only sold in Japan, & this the highest and most desirable trim of this generation MKII. It has the 1JZ-GTE, a turbocharged 2.5L straight-six (found in other cars such as the MK3 Supra and ‘97 Soarer) making 280HP and 268ft-lb of torque, mated to a 5-speed manual and is RWD. It also has a lot of aftermarket support with its tuneability and body kits.

Here are examples of modified ones:

^ Uras Type L body kit ^

^ Vertex body kit ^

This specific model would be the best one to have in a Forza game, also along with the two body kits shown above if possible. If anyone over at Turn 10 sees this, please consider adding this car! :pray: