Toyota GR86 2021-current

I feel like adding this car only makes sense as you’d be able to add the BRZ alongside it.

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Wird der Toyota GR86 schon in Forza entwickelt oder ist er noch gar nicht in Planung

First of all we dont know, toyota likely has deals with other companies


This car is so overrated. Show some respect for the BRZ

Yeah cuz both cars should be added at the same time, just like GMC Syclone and Typhoon being added together.

You can’t have one without the other.

Ich habe im cureer mode demo von Forza Motorsport einen Toyota GR86 gesehen und hoffe das dass auto ins spiel kommt und etwas später der Subaru BRZ.Wennn die vorher genannten autos auch in Forza Horizon 5 kommen dann wäre ich sehr sehr zufrieden.

Rocket Bunny


2024 Toyota GR 86 Trueno Edition

Special edition model that pays tribute to the AE86 Trueno.


We’re finally getting it in the next Summer Party Series!!


I hope the GR86 comes to the new Forza Motorsport. Also, I hope the new BRZ also comes to Forza in the near-future.

It will get this Rocket Bunny wide bodykit:


And the wait is over!!!


THE GR86 IS OFFICIALLY COMING TO FORZA UNIVERSE AT LAST!!! The way I heard about it, I was soooo darn hyped about it and it honors me as I have a GT86 in reality.

Seems like GR86’s exclusivity with Gran Turismo has expired, it means it will now spread to other new racing games starting with FH5, coming in Series 23. And it doesn’t mean it will leave Gran Turismo, just like GR Supra. Now, there should be a chance for GR Yaris and GR Corolla to join Forza world soon!!!

I guess it will arrive to Forza Motorsport as well so it would be a competition. And in the next time around, I hope its twin - the 2022 BRZ, will be added as well!!!

There is a Rocket Bunny kit provided for it, if you want to customize it.


I Hope they put the GR86 Cup cars on FM

The Streethunters body kit wasn’t added yet so I hope it’ll be available in-game later on.


2nd ever GR car in Forza lets gooooo

just need the two hatchbacks and we’re golden


Car is not on Motorsport yet and both still missing the Subaru equivalent

No show for secret or for future updating ala season car in FM.
I thinking this

We need this car in Forza Motorsport, including the Subaru BRZ (2021)


Car Pass tend to be new-to-forza cars
i think they will put in updates