Toyota GR GT3 Concept 2022

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Toyota GR GT3 Concept


2026 Toyota GR GT3 Concept

Toyota has revealed that its next-generation GT3 car based on the GR GT3 Concept is scheduled for a European racing debut in 2026.


This great looking race car is the official successor of the Lexus RC F GT3.

Spotted at Fuji Speedway in Japan


This would be a great add for the Forza GT category


This car looks gorgeous

If I recall it possibly might end up being a new lfa successor instead of a Toyota as gazoo racing has previously worked on Lexus products in the past such as the lfa and used is300 back in the late nineties early 2000 back when the gazoo racing project was just getting started before the gt86 latter know as gr86 arrived along with supra reboot and all new Gr Yaris a Corolla from what I understand the current rcf wasn’t very competitive due to it being rather heavy so this time round they want a lighter car specifically for racing so instead of the primary focus being on building a gt grand touring car they trying to make it more track focused so it’s more competitive this time round

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