Toyota Corolla 1988-1994 (E90)

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Toyota Corolla 1988-1994 (E90)

This topic includes all body styles of the E90 generation including the TRD2000.

2-door Hatchback:

5-door Hatchback:



Station Wagon:



1989 Toyota Corolla Levin GT-Z

1989 Toyota Sprinter Trueno GT-Z


Corolla Levin AE92 (E90)

Sprinter Trueno AE92 (E90)

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Just imagine if we were able to swap in the Trueno front on the liftback Corolla. I know someone in real life has done it and it looks incredible

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for AE86 (。。)

please add the gti

that would be awsome

The corolla gti screems to 7500RPM

And has a 1.6l 4 cylinder