Toyota Baja Trophy Truck 1994-1997

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Toyota Trophy Truck 1994-1997

This topic is for voting on PPI chassis trucks other than the 1993 version in FH5.

We have the previous successful Trophy Truck in game (incorrectly labeled 1993 instead of 1989), which is referred to as Chassis 010. It is also incorrectly wearing some of the later body panels which was not used on that truck and has tires that are too wide.

Would love to see the last 90s PPI Toyota Trophy Truck running in the game with its V8 engine and custom tires. The big difference between this truck, 015, and 010 (aka “1993 T100”) is that is uses double a-arm suspension and a single coilover per wheel. 010 uses multiple shocks (2 front and 3 rear per wheel) and torsion bar suspension. Wheel dimensions are different as well. 010 used 15x8 Ultra wheels while 015 uses 17x7 custom beadlocks.