Top Gear reports on Forza 6 telemetry going to Ford

Most of us knew this from a number of interviews, but for those who don’t;

Enjoy peeps!

Comedy gold.

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I’m just glad that this will shut up those GT fanboys saying ‘But GT helps people become actual race drivers’, now we can say ‘But EVERYONES driving helps Ford’s Le Mans team tune there cars better’


If the data genuinely helps Ford with the car, we’ll see more of this, and it will benefit gamers very much. More car makers will want their cars in game so they can be crowd tested. Which will mean more cars in game, and more fun!


The relationship they’ve built with Ford to build in secrecy alongside them building the GT is a good thing. It gets all kinds of people interested in their new products and technology, which is something I’m sure other brands would be glad to see happen with their new vehicles as well.

It will be interesting to see if anything bigger happens with the announcement of FM7 or other future cars.

That’s amazing.

it really does look like angry birds


Good luck winning Le Mans with that telemetry lol
I wonder who paid who? Ford to T10 or T10 to Ford?


slammed suspension, non existant bump settings, derp rollbars incoming!

Dan needs to stop talking entirely. The marketing for FM gets more ridiculous each release.


And yet people will fall for it, just like people believe GT Academy is all about an ultra realistic sim that turns people into professional racers, (and not the extensive real world training they put the often previously experienced winners through), or the cadre of people that believe it every time some professional racer promotes game “x” has the ultimate in 100% realism (despite the fact that almost no two games drive the same, even from one sequel to the next of many).

Shoot, if Ford is really going to base car setups off of the driving of a million or so video game players, a large number of which likely have never driven a real car, and of those who have, many who will put such unorthodox setups on their cars has to be outright dangerous, or impossible if recreated in reality, then Ford must have no idea what they are doing at the track at all. They must have hired the most incompetent people in the world to setup and race these cars. They would have to be so desperate, so close to certain defeat, that they’ve simply given up any confidence they may have had in their own people.

Sure, they’re going to make a show of collecting some data. They’ll probably makes some kind of show about how this bit of info or another was so useful, and what a great program this is, and then the real professionals of the race teams will chuck it all out and do their jobs has if such a program never existed.

I’ll give them credit for the gamble though. If it doesn’t do well, that’s just no good for anything but joke material. All parties involved will likely drop it like a white hot stone.

But If the car does well, certainly they can milk the whole thing some more, and we’ll likely get some real hype all about the car tuned by FM6 players. There will be people will who absolutely eat it up, and it wouldn’t matter at that point if Henry Ford himself came back from the dead, and testified in front of congress, the Pope, and Santa Clause, with a hand on every Bible version published to date that the data wasn’t really any factor, there will be a PR angle that can now be milked for years to come.

Everybody wins. T10 gains a major selling point in an increasingly more crowded genre. Ford gets an awesome public relations angle, that also just so happens to tap into a large pool of rabid car lovers and buyers. That’s the big payoff. You can already see the foundations for a devoted following being laid in various corners of the internet.


I try to make most of my posts positive, but in this case it will be difficult if not impossible.

I do not like this at all. If I am doing research for Ford, then I expect to be paid for it.

I hope there is an opt out feature (but I know there will not be one).

If I do spend any time in this vehicle, the information Ford gets from my driving will be less than useful.

You are not breaking the game by helping so whats the issue? Everything does not have to be about money all the time just have fun doing it.

The issue is that I do not want to help Ford in any way and it will not be fun knowing that Ford is gaining from my playing the game, especially with my not being compensated.

You really want to get compensated? Wow man, just wow…

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You aren’t. You’re playing a game and they’re making observations based on you playing. If they didn’t do this, your experience would be unchanged.

There is - not playing the game. This feature is known as “Forza Motorsport 6” and the only way to opt out of playing FM6 is to not get it or borrow it.

Not at all. People can learn from mistakes, so if you’re doing something yielding lackluster results, they can learn what doesn’t work well. It’s kind of like GTA and negative publicity years ago, with which bad publicity was good publicity because negative press was free advertising and built interest in it. Likewise, data of lackluster performance is good data about what not to do.

My not playing the game should not be the only other option.

Another option would be to not drive said car, but it looks like there is an achievement tied to driving this car so there is that.

Further, this should have been made public BEFORE the pre ordering began (especially in the case of the digital preordering) so that consumers could have taken that into consideration when deciding whether or not to buy the game. Non digital download pre orders can be cancelled. The digital download preorders cannot.

So, your suggestion of not playing the game which has already been purchased stings a bit harder.

why preorder digital? its not like they are going to run out of digital copies. if digital had limits software piracy wouldn’t be an issue. will ford look at the data? perhaps. will they then go ahead and do what their real life testing has led the to do regardless of the game? defiantly. dating sims are very popular in japan. if you had access to all that data would you let the dating sim pick your wife or go off your own real life experience? do you think ford wont do the same? they are going to trust the data they have spent millions collecting. does temp change in forza? does forza have dynamic day night cycles? can they get nature to mimic the in game weather? you want compensated for a joke? can you opt out? everybody outside of pr speak already have. if ford were going to trust your data they wouldn’t spend money testing themselves. and every driver prefers a different set up/tune. there is no one size fits all.

if anybody were going to trust forza for real life bathurst would be plowed up and turned into a feild because forza proves that with full damage on the race ends in turn 1. when is the last time you had to pit in forza? fm3 6 years ago? look ford, you dont have to waste time pitting anymore. and there will be a blue or green arrow line on the track showing your driver exactly where to go. and dont worry about wrecking, you can run into the wall head on at 200 mph, hit reverse and drive like nothing ever happened. games are not real life. real life does not have a rest button. nobody is going to let a game make real life choices for them, espically with a gt budget on the line. thinking ford is going to use your data is like thinking they’ll shoot turtle shells at each other because its in mario.

Looks like the first race in career (or when launching the game) wil be the FORD GT for 2 laps around Le Mans :stuck_out_tongue:

you’re not going to buy FM6 just because Turn10 announced they’re giving Ford some driving telemetry!

Wow, another game breaking feature.

Some people just nitpick over anything, just for the sake of whining.

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So send an invoice to their department if it bothers you that much. I’m sure they’ll appreciate your sense of humour. =)