Too Many Saves Bug FH4 (Repost)!

My Old Post has been closed for no reason !


And the even the mod (Dragnet) not read the whole post and answering for something already explained in the first post!

So i repost again then!

I know this bug already worked on by the devs, but just get people in this community knows about this fatal bug.

Pardon my english isnt good, but my video explain what “Too Many Saves Bug” it is: Too Many Saves Bug Explained

And btw this bug that i already searching about it before, its already from Forza Horizon 3 and never been fixed too!

I already submited the ticket from April 20, 2019 (6 Months ago) And they solution is always said “please delete ur tuning, painted etc”, i am waiting 6 times update and they never fixed it. So annoying for me because basically i cant play normaly the game anymore.

This is last update from my ticket 3 days ago

The update

Please moderator dont delete or closed this topic because we have to transparent about everything on the game not only the good things!

And i will update again every new update is come about this bug fixed or not.

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I looks like the message is stuck on similar to the Auction house message that doesn’t go away.

Hi Radewa,

As suggested by the moderator on the forum, and also by myself on the Discord in response to the same discussion there with you - You will need to submit a ticket to our support site.
Please attach the video to the ticket you make.

Although, as you’ve mentioned that you already have a ticket open, you may want to attach the video to the original ticket instead.

As mentioned in your ticket response/update - The team is still investigating the issue.

Please be careful with making numerous posts of the same (e.g duplication) as this may lead to you being suspended through spamming of the forum.

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