thrustmaster TMX Pro disconnecting because of bass?

i have a problem with my wheel randomly disconnecting while racing when bigger amounts of bass and vibrating happen, ive tried replugging the cables but nothing helped, and no im not turning down the bass on my amp, it happens rarely but its very annoying

Are you talking about your Audio system?

Have you checked for a Firmware update at

I’ve been racing with my TMX Pro wheel for 2 years now and 1 or 2 Firmware updates to my wheel.

my subwoofer causes vibrations which in turn sometimes disconnect the cables my a micrometer and the wheel disconnects for a second, firmware newest

Did you try connecting the wheel to a different power outlet? It sounds to me like the wheel does not get enough power when your audio system requires more for bass vibrations.

I had something similar when I first got my TMX Pro. After playing for 1-2 hours the wheel would just turn off. Turning it back on right away would only last for 3-5 minutes until it turned off again. I guess there was an issue with overheating. I created a support ticket on the Thrustmaster website and sent it to the manufacturer. They sent me a new one including the cheaper TMX pedals.

Strangely, it stopped, and now theres less bass coming out too, i guess just my system bugged out and went way over with it