This Lamborghini 5-95 looks like a Spyker

Lamborghini 5-95

while this Spyker B6 Venator looks like a Lotus, or Alfa Romeo:
Spyker B6

Um… I… I just… I can’t… I can’t even…

Where the crud is the automotive industry headed anyway???

The back sides look similar to an Alfa Romeo TZ3

The new Zagato looks nothing like a B6. Don’t even compare that, whatever it is, to something as special as a Spyker… I mean, Zagato typically fails at designing front ends and then does astonishing with the rest of the car, but I can only just tolerate that front.

TBH it could actually look pretty decent, but they need to redo the light layout within the headlights, dramatically lower the car and/or bodywork, and straighten some of the nose lines as it’s got curves in all the wrong places up there…

EDIT: (and sorry for all the pictures, just trying to avoid making people search for them) Having a different angle REALLY makes this car look different… That shot that Max has is the one I’ve been seeing everywhere, but it’s a horrid picture. This one makes the car look a lot better:

And while it’s just a rumor, the B6 is actually supposed to be an overhauled/revived Artega GT…

Here’s another example of Zagato designing a car that looks overall gorgeous, but the front end is awful… The Spyker C12 Zagato:

I personally don’t consider the Spyker special, too much chrome, ugly looks, ect. But it is the amazing thing about opinions, not everyone is going to share each others views.I do agree though with other opinions I’ve read about this… thing… is it looks like a Spyker, it truly is as ugly as one. Just with far less chrome.

And in just my own opinion, that other picture doesn’t help my view on the car at all.

Dang… And here I thought everyone liked Spykers… Well, I try to stay open minded, so I would actually like you to explain a bit more about what you dislike about the B6. I legitimately want to know what you consider ugly about it so I can get a better understanding of what other people view as good/bad looking for cars, as I actually try designing cars myself and knowing that info would be very useful for me.

Okay, so you’re not liking the chrome, specifically what about it? That it just straight up seems out of place, or something else? Just try to explain to me what you specifically don’t like about the B6 so I can try to see what you see.

I don’t like chrome period, on anything. And I simply don’t like the style of it. I’m very particular about things, and half the time, there is no real reason I can spell out or define for others other than I simply do not like it. Sorry but I’m just different that way.

Whats wrong with the front? I think it looks cool.

Looks like a Spyker C8 and a “Catfish” Camaro had a baby lol