Thinking of starting "Club Finale" opinions?

Hey everybody…
so i have been playing forza online more than usual lately and trying out some of the multiplayer circuit races and sprints, i have come to the conclusion that the most fun and interesting of them all is the Horizon Finale, its amazing for having the most action, the best race battles, time attacks and most of all earning the most Credits and XP
1st place gets about 75,000 cr and 60,000 xp
2nd place gets about 60,000 cr and 40,000 xp
and so on…
people who are really into having good clean races are kind of hard to come across these days, for example alot of people are like my self being rear ended on the first turn and spinning into a tree by somebody who is only playing to annoy others and not take the race seriously.
so if your someone who is into clean racing and enjoys racing and earning CR as much as i do, add my gamertag - CharlieKeller10 and drop me a message anytime just too say HEY and you’d like to play hopefully we could get a big group/crew of us going that are all into the same thing and we get then do other things like team races against other crews etc would be fun!
im from London, England so if i dont reply soon after you message me please appreciate the time difference!
i look forward to meeting and playing with new people.

all the best

Hey man join my buddies and my club Aces High [#AH] we do that finale race probably 10 times a day, very active and we don’t cut corners and we race with collision off. We do s1, s2 and X as well as spec racing. Add me and shoot me a msg or msg
Icedoutmoney420i and tell him I sent you.

We got 200+ members and climbing the leader boards!