The Sierra Verde Drainage Project: an Off-Road Adventure

Super proud of this blueprint and excited to present it to the community for your enjoyment and feedback!

"Toro Loco & Sons Construction, Inc. was recently awarded Sierra Verde’s Capital Drainage Improvements Contract, and with the majority of materials staged and only about 10% of the work completed, the project area makes for a killer race route!

The contractor isn’t about to let us race through the work site, so we’re doing this after hours after all the crews have gone home. They keep the site well lit throughout the night, so we shouldn’t have any problem navigating the sometimes treacherous terrain.

You can drive whatever you want, but I recommend preparing your best A or B-Class race car outfitted for some intense off-road action. Meet us at the start line out by Festival Gatecrash near the contractor’s north staging area around 9:45 PM; race starts at 10:00 PM.

This is gonna be fun. See you tonight!"

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Looks good. Cracking video too.

This is awesome… lol

Thanks! Tried to do something to make it stand out; especially since it took so long to make Lol

Lol. Thanks! I wanted to make an in-game story for it.