the Rivals Diablo gift

I set a time in the rivals event for this received the car but during claiming the car in my gifts tab the game crashed and now the cars gone I have emailed Forza email have had no reply back can i get this re gifted please thank you

It can take a few days for them to get back with you. Since it was gifted yesterday, you’ve got a few days to wait.

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Thanks CRracer912 you seem very active on the forums thers hardly a topic I don’t see you in lol il hopfully hear back maybe tomorrow I sent then email yesterday 19:00 UK time

It’s usually taken 2 to 7 days anytime 8ve contacted them.

You could also try a console system restart, if you are on console. I’ve had an occasion where a gift wasn’t put in my garage, and a system restart had either then shown it in garage, or the email was back in my inbox.

If you’re on PC, don’t have a clue there.

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I’m in a very similar situation. Tried to claim it today but after a long “downloading” period, the car is just not in my garage :frowning: