The heck is this Auction House commission?!?!?!

Why in the flying truck do we have to pay a commission on our AH sales. Where are these credits going? Is there some sort of AH overhead that we have to cover…Complete nonsense!

Forza developers are paid using in game credits. When you sell a car 1% of the sale goes to a pool which is then distributed equally to all the developers. QA testers don’t get paid however hence all the bugs.


They need to raise additional funds with the amount of bugs in-game. I believe this is one of the ways they’re doing it.

/sarcasm (just in case)


It’s a credit sink, it removes credits from the economy of the game.


If you had two accounts I suppose it sort of limits sharing money a bit.

Welcome to Horizon? It’s been that way for years.


just another lame feature that they think for some reason that it adds realism…lol…

…and yes as above have said it has been in most forza games in the past …

another item that many people have said they disliked and yet another item where Playground games ignore the community feedback…

These things are actually a good idea in games. They help remove some credits from the economy of the game which goes a little way to helping credits not become near valueless over time.

They could also introduce inflation in the game the higher your level to achieve that in a manner that doesn’t punish new players as much.

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I remember NFS Payback getting a lot of flack for the MTX.

Interestingly enough, except for the monetization (and the only reason it’s not monetized yet is because it’s rated E), it’s Forza Horizon that works very much like a casino:

  1. The house will always get its cut.
  2. You’re not allowed to win too much, as evidenced by AI rubberbanding, price tweaks to stuff and even the game asking if you want to increase difficulty.
  3. The concept of wheelspins promotes addictive behavior.
  4. The game has “dealers” aka the people who become “Legends” and thus able to sell cars at higher prices.

Games like Forza should get more flak for their implicit promotion of wasting electricity imo. Think about it. Here’s Microsoft’s official policy:

And yet how do games which promote doing inherently useless activities which use energy, tally with that? If someone is doing in-game activities they wouldn’t otherwise do, unless the game was designed to make them keep doing it in order to achieve more ‘credits’ or obtain an arbitrarily rare or expensive car, then somewhere down the line, fossil fuels are being burned for that to happen - which could have been used for something better like keeping the lights on or people’s homes warm. It’s getting as bad as crypto mining.

Microsoft talk the talk but their actions say otherwise with games like this.

I’ve done it myself: I’ve spent ages laboriously reloading auction searches to win a rare car. My computer uses more electric when the game is on, the CPU and GPU are under more usage, now it’s not a vast amount, but it’s real and the resources to provide this power aren’t infinite. We’re wasting it.

Not sure on number 2. The lead AI up to and including Pro seem to run to very predicatable race times, the lead AI will slow down a second a lap or so if you are at the back but if you are mid pack, they will just carry on at default pace. The only issue I’ve seen is with AI grouping. If you are holding up number 2 AI that you lucked past and it’s programmed to be a tail gunner for number 1 which is off in the distance, it will boost past you when it gets the change and take off to catch number 1. However the Lead AI pace is predicatable so you can either match it or not.
If you are going way ahead of the lead AI, it will cheat to keep up so the AI will limit the amount if falls back resulting in many of the lower placed AI recording very low lap times. This doesn’t impact the actual target time of the lead AI, this is just filling out the pack. The only issue is a big crash mean you have no gap, however there is also no penalty for rewind now.

The exception to this is unbeatable which has a random element so sometimes it is more beatable than others. I’ve seen AI completion times +/- 8 seconds on a 3 minute race when I’ve deliberately held second. This seems to be linked to player performance in previous races at the same track.

Even then, you still get a lot of credits and XP for finishing last.
You always get the base credits (depending on finishing position)
You can get another 100% for VIP
You then get the difficulty credits 0-100%

Eg. the move from highly skilled to expert gives you 5% extra difficulty credits so with VIP (and depending what Aids you have) this may just change the payout from 250% to 255% … which makes little difference at 2%. Likely more profitable to beat highly skilled than come second on Expert.

The most profitable element of the game is still using perk points to unlock wheelspins and that is open to everyone
A super wheelspin is averaging ~240k for me and a wheelspin 80k (thats a conincidence I just noticed 3:1)
Supers also average 1 car per wheelspin.

The only thing more profittable is Legendary creators Exploiting the auction house - yes I consider this an exploit. 20m sale price is to reward creators for specific high effort work. Not meant for them to snipe and flip rare cars for insane profit when most true legendary creators should be earning more than enough to max their account through download credits.

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A silly, rather pointless feature that I believe was ripped off from FIFA UT.

The AH is just yet another thing they had spot on in FM4 and subsequently fiddled with for no reason, I still remember one person who used to constantly sell Chevy FLM09’s for a tiny bit more than the standard price because he painted them with excellent, unique designs that weren’t available on his storefront, another brilliant feature ruined in the years that would follow.