The Fuji, Is back

Hey guys, its been a long time since Ive been on…

If your a veteran and stil around, shoot me an friend request… some of you are the greatest of people… You know who you are…

Gamer Tag.

IRI MR Fuji.

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Welcome back Fuji! Glad to see old school guys make a comeback!

I left like a spectre.

And now I’m back again health and cancer isn’t making anything that much better if you ever find this.

And I’m non longer here due to terminal illness…

Should you find yourself in the same dark place I have been fighting for air… form the amount of time.

Should this comfort you knowing no matter what after Forza… There will always be an immortal spectre…within…

Through the years, on Forza’s digital track,
I found solace, a refuge from the lack.
In the pixelated world, where cars dance free,
I discovered a family, a haven for me.

In the silence of pixels, no shouts of disdain,
Forza embraced me in the midst of the pain.
Domestic storms raged, a relentless gale,
But in virtual realms, I set my sail.

Friends and family, forged in the glow,
Of digital races, where emotions flow.
Escaping the echoes of abuse’s cruel tone,
Forza became the place I could call my own.

Passion ignited, burning brighter than flame,
A love for the game, not mere pixels to blame.
In the realm of circuits, where tires squeal,
I found a sanctuary, a genuine feel.

Kobe loved the court, a hardwood dream,
But in the virtual race, my passion did gleam.
Forza, my canvas, where dreams could be spun,
A haven from battles that couldn’t be won.

A team, a family, in the face of despair,
Through illness and cancer, we’d always care.
Forza’s camaraderie, a lifeline so strong,
In the pixels, where I felt I belonged.

So here’s to the races, the friendships that thrive,
In Forza’s embrace, where memories survive.
In the terminal journey, love transcends,
Forza family, my forever friends.

I, Love you all.