The Duck and Weave accolade

This is for the Threading the Needle challenge in a Street Race.
Wasn’t having much luck getting this using other people’s solutions, so made my own and got it first time.
Called Duck and Weave, the share code is 482 088 648.

It’s a Street race along the motorway with traffic.
Feel free to try it and like it if it works.

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I’m not getting any traffic and passing between two of the other competitors isn’t triggering a “Threading The Needle Skill” I did get the earn an ultimate Skill Chain in a street race accolade though…

Try switching to solo mode first.
I had plenty of traffic and it is turned on in the blueprint.

I also got no traffic, not a single car.
Edit: i was in solo mode :slightly_smiling_face:

I have tried multiple times in solo and horizon life still no traffic… I will try again today…

I used one of the street races which takes you through Guantanamo tunnels. Put AI to unbeatable to get them out of your way. Now follow any traffic car which is going in same direction as you. If the car takes turn off your course, follow next car. Don’t follow too close. Once you see a car from opposite lane coming towards you, speed up so that you pass between them when they are side by side. It’s easier in that city because of better traffic density. Your car also needs to have some speed to trigger that skill. You cannot even slightly touch those traffic cars when you are passing between them.

Good luck.

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I’m Just not getting any traffic in any street race event in Horizon Life or Horizon Solo.,…

Made my own Blueprint Street Race the full length of the highway both ways - Traffic ON nothing!!!

Before starting the event there’s plenty of traffic in Horizon Solo as soon as you start it all disappears !!!

Near misses need traffic !!

Fired the game up on the PC and had loads of traffic used the Dodge Charger RT and got both accolades before the game hung and crashed - Don’t know what state the game save will be in!!

Accolades hadn’t been saved but fortunately the save game hadn’t been corrupted so I restarted and managed to get them done…

No traffic for me either - in solo.

Thought you’d like to know that other accolades are working on this track.
Got the Ult Drift in a Lancer accolade and the Show Off combo in a Fairlady accolade just now.

I only needed Duck an Weave and Daredevil ones so all good thanks :slight_smile:

I followed your method on The Marathon. Worked perfectly.