Tej told me to look in my fh2 garage tomorrow for a new car

Hello all. Finished up fast and furious expansion. When i finished a part of it Tej told me i would receive a car in my fh2 garage the next morning. It’s been 3 days and nothing. lol Tej lied to me. Any ideas what happened? Will it be a gifted car i have to download? Also i am stuck at 489 of 500 when i finished it completely. Thanks for any help.

It should be a Supra with a custom paint job. Look in your garage for one.

You need to claim it in the rewards section of the Forza hub app or on the rewards page here before it will be sent to your game.

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That is the thing about it. It never showed up in the Forza hub or the forza.net rewards section.

Try posting in this thread http://forums.forza.net/turn10_postst262_Forza-Rewards-FAQ.aspx

Also the 489/500 thing - there are requirements on top of achievements and what appears normal completion eg you need to do 10 Ultimate Passes. Check the rewards summary and see which one is 11 points short - does that match the in game stats?

Thanks Eduardo. I posted to that thread. I checked Forza.net and it says i am missing 2 boards and gamerscore. I have finished the game entirely with all boards smashed and i have all the achievements done. Very weird.

A lot of people have had issues with F n F and the Rewards program - in some cases like mine it just took a while (a week or so) to correct itself, while others seem to be still having issues. As to which camp you fall into is any ones guess so my suggestion is to email T10 at forzafb@microsoft.com or PM Watching Polecat with your info so he can look into it while he is looking into the issues with the Rewards program.

I lost mine due to a Server Error…So if I play F&F again, maybe on the same or another console, is there a chance it will be available again? I have read Max’s Gift’s post.

Freakin’ Tej. Always check with Dom when Tej tells you anything.

I think I saw Brian driving off in your car at the end of the movie BTW. He was headed east, toward Gondor.

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Thanks all. I messaged watchingpolecat. See what happens.

I assume you are doing this but I would fire up F&F each day just so it pings the servers. Maybe do a little driving or something.

Hopefully that may update the stats and all should be fine.

Either that or just wait.

I think mine seemed to take a couple of days.

Thanks Eduardo. I’ll fire up ff once a day and see what happens. Thanks for your help.

Thanks Funky Dunk, did all that but I think I will try SatNite’s suggestion

Can’t hurt to try so go for it - if it works then we have another method to try. Hopefully T10 get the Rewards into better health soon.

Some stuff has updated. I now have 494\500. I am still lacking the gamerscore. I also received the Supra. I have been in touch with watchingpolecat and he is very helpful! He gets a 10\10 score from me for Turn10 service!