Team Prospect

I used to be silentninja123 way back when. Some people may still yet remember KKZ from FM2.

I’ve been lurking on the forums lately, practicing drifting with sim steering, and applied for formula gnarshred too so i figured might as well go all-in and see if a team wants me as well. Even if you don’t wanna recruit me, send me an FR and lobby invites. It’s boring drifting alone.

Just FYI, I race on weekends and weekday work is killer so attendance to things will be below average at best.

ohhhh sheet (of paper) what’s up man? you probably don’t remember me but I’m SnF Reaction! Glad to see you back!

Hey Reaction! Ya I remember, it’s been a long while.

I’ve been busy with other hobbies lately - videogame programming, autocross racing, but I just couldn’t stay away from forza