Taychon has no anti roll bars

Can’t adjust the stock ones. Can’t buy new ones.
Is this a new suspension concept, or is it an oops?

Side note. You also can’t adjust the gear ratio and it red lines really easy.

IIrc it also had no adjustable ARBs inHorizon 4.
If this is by design or was an oversight in 4 and thus an imported one in 5 I don’t know.
Max full front and rear aero helps a bit against the short gear ratio while drastically improving cornering speeds. It still redlines on long straights but in racing situation that’s barely the case.

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Isn’t the Tachyon an electric car? So there is not much use a gear box or am I wrong?

Not in the sense of a “normal” gearbox but the “gearbox” of the I-Pace, Rimac and Evija can be adjusted to alter the respective top speed/acceleration.
The fact it’s not possible on the Tachyon further nourishes my suspicion it’s a simple H4 import because its gearbox wasn’t adjustable there as well.
Unlike the Rimac that got an adjustabe in Horizon 5. Probably due to the backlash it got in Horizon 4 for having the worst performance/PI of all cars they adjusted it manually. It’s even a decent S2 car this time.
The Tachyon likely didn’t receive this treatment.