Tatra 700 1996-1999

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Tatra 700


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The Last Car Tatra ever built


…and then they made the 400hp Eccora Sport V8 and went racing


Two with less aggressive Aero

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Unfortunately most of the Information regarding the Race Car is in Czech or is Old Video which makes it harder to read.


@KillerSpectre21 I can speak both Czech and Slovak so if you need help with translating, you can surely rely on me.

I’ve read some articles myself and the Eccora Sport version was built to break the Czech national speed record of 207.927 km/h set in 1957 by Tatra 607. However, it kind of failed to do so. The record was broken in 1997 by MTX Tatra V8, setting a speed of 210.895km/h. Even though the 700 GT set a higher average speed of 276 km/h, it wasn’t officially recognized by FIA because it was set the same year as the MTX V8 only a few months later with the record already being registered.

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