Tandem Battles, FD Style

Looking to do some tandem drift battles on eventlab tracks in FH5. Formula Drift style basically

If you’ve never watched Formula Drift before it’s basically like this: clicky. There’s lead runs and chase runs for each driver. There won’t be any judging, elimination, or any kind of tournament, just chill drift battles between cars.

I’m pretty chill about car requirements, just make sure it’s RWD and has somewhere between 750 and 1350 HP.

I’m free on weekends, but also free tomorrow if anyone wants to drift! I’m in Pacific Standard Time and free anywhere from 11 AM to 4PM PST.

DO NOT DM “KnightOfRen#8514”. That is my second account. DM KnightOfRen#5563 if you are interested

If it’s easier for you to communicate via Discord, mine is KnightOfRen#2564. I don’t care which one you use really.

I hope to see some of ya’ll going sideways soon!

i dont to saw Formula Drift, but saw Russian Drift Seriess and Japan Drift
PPG and Turn 10 need to fix myltiplayer code if you would like to create tandem in game
and fi dont like to USA and American drift style, i like Japan and Russian drift style