Talbot-Lago T26 Grand Sport 1948-1950

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Talbot-Lago T26 Grand Sport 1948-1950

There’s no way to get a proper image of this car as only 29 were built in total and they had bodies designed by different Coachbuilders.

There was a Long Wheelbase and a Short Wheelbase Version of the Car of which most were long and 8 were short. The Short Wheelbase was primarily designed for racing.

All the Cars shared the same 4.5L I6 engine that made 190hp and could propel some of the cars up to 190mph.

This is the Figoni et Falaschi LWB Design and it’s easily my favourite due to the unique looks

Roadster Designed by Dubos

Coupé restyled for Racing by Martial Oblin

One of 2 Grand Sport Coupés by Franay

The other Franay Grand Sport Coupé (110123)

One of the Coupés designed by Jacques Saoutchik

Another Coupé by Jacques Saoutchik


A Cabriolet also designed by Jacques Saoutchik


A Racing Coupé by Chambas


A Coupé by Pennock


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