Hello Forza Community! I bought and tuned a Mitsubishi GTO (1997). I have upgraded everything that has to do with handling execpt I did not add downforce because I don’t want the car to look like a race car. Its at 5.7 handling and the way I tuned it, it’s hard for anyone to catch me in tag unless your in a Porsche which forza biased (ugh those things). Even then its hard unless your really skilled. However I must ask. When I go in to tune my car, what are somethings I need to tune so its really good at turning at slow and moderate-high speeds. I’m already careful when turning (braking so I don’t slide and such). I can out-turn a 6.5 handling KTM X-Bow but I need it to turn even more than that because there are some cars in the game that people have tuned that do things that would literally rip the tires off there cars in real life.