TackleBerry x78 paints (duplicate thread mods merge or delete please)

Quite a few paints shared already just haven’t had chance to take photos of them all ( will do over the next couple of days)

GT: TackleBerry x78

So far I have

Mines R35
Mines R34
HKS performer R34
Endless R34
Ford Motorsport escort cosworth
Mountune focus RS
HKS Kansai GT86
RE Greddy RX7

Couple of evo’s and impreza’s and just finished the Jun BRZ which I did manage to take a couple of pics (will transfer to the GT86 as well)

I can’t wait to see what the other designs look like mate. As for now the JUN BRZ is a nice piece of work. Keep 'em coming mate!

Oh hell yes!! I was waiting for that Endless R34!! Honestly it is my favorite paint for the R34 it’s a real gem I love it :slight_smile:

Up and shared

Couple more, still need to get the photos of the others up

Mines R34 F&F Edition

Jun GT86 as requested by many