T3PA Connecting Wire

So last night my puppy ate the cord that connects the T3PA pedal set to the wheel. The one that looks like a phone cord.

Does anyone know what type of cord that is? Is it something I can replace or is it only made for Thrustmaster products?


Aaah, puppies, they always find something to chew on :wink:

TM is using a standard RJ type connector for the pedal wiring. If the wiring is straight you could just use a basic telephone cord. If some of the connections are crossed you might need to get a custom made or make one yourself using a crimping tool for RJ connectors. Check the colors of the wires (you should see it through the connector), if the sequence of the colors is identical on both sides its a straight cable, otherwise some of the connection must be crossed, according to the colors

Thank you very much.