T10 will we ever have these features? Yes or no

Game modes

Leagues or ranked:
Drift mode:
Team racing:
More spec Miata:
Custom Matchmaking lobbies:


Ability to move HUD components:
Custom HUD elements natively not simhub:
Better opponent tracker left, right, and behind:

Different voice for turn nav:

Pit manager letting you know wrecks, times, driver to left or right and other important info:

Fix Logitech G pro wheel dual clutch axis look left right fix so it doesn’t just just do the 90 degree outside of car view but head movement instead:

More information on car details like aero dynamics, angle, elevation, and more:

Better designer mode so you can sculpt vinyls better:

In game head turn with car:

32:9 non stretched FOV:

32:9 fix cockpit fov cutoff of car it’s like it wasn’t designed to fit the cars

Adjustable seating position:

Team, guild, clan, group, organization, company, or whatever:

Improved Market for tunes longer description, video, pictures, trending, rating, reviews, ect:

VR support:

Adjustable car settings in race:

Headlights flash:

Push to talk mute players in race(I know push to talk toggle is already in the game but not everyone knows that):

Better player report (im s4300 and and at least once every race there is 1 rammer):

Final question
(Long form answer please)

On anything you’ve said no to will you allow the modding community to fill in the gaps that you’re unable to fulfill?:



Additionally, longer races pit required


Who knows?

They seem to be working on some sort of update that’ll add more to the game, but when and what are complete mysteries.

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