T10 employees or forum mods ... WeekAG PhotoComp and Livery Contest winners?

Quick question for any forum mods or T10 employees … what ever happened to the WeekAG Photocomp winners or WeekAG Livery Contest winners? They have never been posted as winners in either the Turn 10 Picks in the Forza Gallery in-game or as Turn 10 Select recommendations in the StoreFront in-game. I’ve always seen contest winners posted there fairly quickly after contests in the past … but these have not been posted yet.

I know some of you may think … meh, no big deal. But I had winners in both contests … including my first-ever entry into a livery contest and my first livery winner … and I was hoping to see them posted as winners at least for a bit. I’ve been checking every day for about 2 weeks now … but nothing has shown up.

Can anyone give me any insight about what may have happened to these winners?

Helios posted the names last week, send him a message about the in-game features.

Will do. Thanks for the suggestion.

Sorry, must have missed out adding your livery. Now done!

As for your photo winner, I think I’ve selected the correct winning entry but let me know if it’s not.

Just a quick question on how the livery judging works or more so how our designs are found/viewed. I’ve entered a few of these in the past I feel like I’m doing something wrong (other than not having enough talent).
For us to submit a design it says we need to put the week in the description. To do that we have to unshare our design. Unsharing our design would mean losing out of the past downloads from it. Are we able to submit something without changing the description?
I’ve also done a livery for the sole purpose of entering a weekly contest so I had the description and everything perfect. Throughout the whole contest I did not have a single download on my design. How do you see it to judge it?

Helios … thanks for the quick response. I still don’t see my livery in the Recommended Designs area as a Turn 10 Selection. It was my understanding that contest winners got featured there … maybe I had that wrong.

And the photo that’s featured now was actually from another contest … not the WeekAG contest.

Other than those things … all is well … lol. No big deal … I’ll survive if they don’t ever show up. Thanks anyway …

HONUSDAN … I hadn’t previously shared my design before entering the contest, so I did it all at the same time. Here’s a thought if you’re entering a livery that’s already been shared in a contest … load the design and save it a second time with a different file name and the proper contest description and share that one as well. You’d end up with two shared designs that way … but you’d keep all the downloads, likes, etc. from the original.

WildcatKNH, your design wont show on your account in Forza 5 but to everyone else will.
If I look at liveries with a ‘blank’ McLaren P1 I can’t see my Galag Gumball paint, but judging by the number of downloads this last week or so, it’s there lol

Whitey aka PolizeiYT

Aaaaahhh … the mystery’s been solved. I kept looking for it. Thanks for the info.

Wait, where’s the AG winners? All I see are AH winners…

Click the link I posted above for AG winners.