Suzuki Vitara 1988-1999 (aka Sidekick / Escudo)

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Suzuki Vitara / Sidekick / Escudo (1st generation)


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The 1998 Suzuki escudo (road car) above
Not to be confused with the 1998 Suzuki escudo (Pike’s peak dirt trial car) below
These can easily be confused become I mean come on they’re practically identical right?
If they add this in the game they should make the dirt trial car as a body kit option just because if would be funny a.f.


The pikes peak version already have its own topic here. I think this is only for the regular version.

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I really hope the devs adding this car soon. My childhood was spent inside one of these until I was 11 when it was stolen.


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Frankly, I wouldn’t mind having BOTH in Forza Horizon. FH5 seems to be great for these Pikes Peak cars like this and the SX4 we got in FM4.

Used to see a few these around in the late nineties early two thousands now not so much must have been shipped off overseas