Suzuki Swift 2005-2010

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Suzuki Swift 2005-2010 (1st generation)


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Very cool car! You see it quite a lot as a rental car on the Nürburgring


2007 Swift Sport


Even the non-sport version is a riot to drive.
Shame the Swift never appears in any Forza.
Fingers crossed.

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Swift was NEVER available in Forza games. Not even FM4, even if they have two Suzuki cars but not this hatchback. Probably because they licensed mostly for Suzuki’s US market only until it got bankrupt in 2012. Meaning - Suzuki will no longer sell more cars in the USA.

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pls add the suzuki swift 2010 it would be great if this was in fh5
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Vote isnt just FH, its for motorsport as well

ye ik but my vote for this car to be in is forza horizon

the main vote is for both mods made clear before
if you wat pick the game there is a option before the first port that lets you vote for the game you want it to go