Suzuki Liana 2001-2007/2019

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Suzuki Liana

This model was also sold as the Suzuki Aerio in North America and as the Suzuki Baleno in Indonesia.

This model has been featured in Forza as the

  • 2002 Suzuki Liana GLX (FM4)


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Which bodystyle do you prefer?

  • Sedan
  • MPV (Hatchback)
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Which version do you prefer

  • Pre-facelift (2001-2004)
  • Facelift (2005-2007/2013)
  • Second facelift (2013-?, China)
  • Third Facelift (?-2019, China)
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This was used as the original “Star in a Reasonably Priced Car” car on Top Gear from 2002-2005 and was also used reserved for F1 drivers in the years after its original use.


The Liana GLX needs a return to the new Forza titles. Top Gear really liked this “Reasonably-priced” car.


I can’t believe this hasn’t got as many votes as it should have given its status in popular culture

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