Suzuki Cultus 1988-2004 (Suzuki Swift, Geo Metro)

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1988-2004 Suzuki Swift / Cultus | Geo Metro

This model was also sold as the:

  • Suzuki Forsa II (Ecuador)
  • Suzuki Forsa Amenity/Esteem (Indonesia; pre-facelift)
  • Suzuki Esteem (Indonesia; facelift sedan)
  • Suzuki Eleny (Indonesia; facelift hatchback)
  • Suzuki Margalla (Pakistan; sedan)
  • Suzuki Swift (Worldwide)
  • Changan Suzuki Lingyang (China; sedan)
  • Chevrolet Sprint (Canada)
  • Chevrolet Swift (Colombia, Ecuador and Venezuela)
  • Chevrolet Forsa (Ecuador)
  • Geo Metro(North America)
  • Holden Barina (Australia)
  • Maruti Suzuki 1000/Esteem (India; sedan)
  • Pontiac Firefly (Canada and Middle East)
  • Subaru Justy (Europe)


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Which brand version would you prefer?

  • Suzuki
  • Geo
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Which body version would you prefer?

  • 3-door
  • 5-door
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This car would have this rally body kit preset in fh5 and that would be sick


I’m requesting 1991 year


is the Pikes Peak version also counts on this topic?


I think you should put on requests

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Got to have the GTI in red and black


A convertible version would be cool! Remember to include this ridiculously 90s color scheme, zig zag stripes included!