Susan g. koman auction

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, I have painted ( 4 ) cars in the Susan G. Koman theme
I will put them in the AH this coming weekend, they will be bone stock so you can put your own tune
on them.

( Auction will start 10/03/14 around 20:00 ( 8 PM PST ) I will put more up every 12 hrs through out the weekend

SGC1 by cipher1962, on Flickr

SGC2 by cipher1962, on Flickr

SGC3 by cipher1962, on Flickr

SGC4 by cipher1962, on Flickr

Real nice thought Cipher and paints. I’ve lost my beloved sister to breast cancer on my birthday exactly a year ago. I’ll be looking out for these.

Cipher, very nice paints and for a good cause! I will be looking out for them as well! FA, sorry for your loss! Its not easy losing a sibling…

Thanks AElm.

Very nice Cypher,Here’s one that I did before

cool paint CHEDDARBOB

Next set of cars is up in AH

Another set of cars are up, I will be putting the last set up around 20:00 (8PM) PST 10/05/14