Sunday 16th of February | JGTC open session | 8 PM UK / 2PM CENTRAL

As preparation for a JGTC GT500 series, a one off event allowing anyone to enter a nice racing session with us. The field will be balanced on power (as an alternative on weight handicap) using groups and different restrictor upgrades of the car, so don’t worry about being too fast or too slow!

Assists and damage:
Braking line allowed, steering type free of choice, any view
TCM, STM and ABS forced OFF
Cosmetic damage (since Forza doesn’t let you fix aero parts and sometimes variable internet connections can cause damage in close racing)

Cars, setups and ballasting:
In four steps:

  1. Choose from the GT500 models of the Lexus SC430, Nissan GT-R (2008/2010) and Toyota Supra
  2. Apply race brakes and any rim style(!) that doesn’t change the PI of the car
  3. Tune
  4. Make sure you save (at least) three setups and name them properly;
  • setup with stock car + race brakes + rim style
  • setup with stock car + race brakes + rim style + first restrictor upgrade
  • setup with stock car + race brakes + rim style + second restrictor upgrade

Race setup and Tracks:
Suzuka, Motegi, Tsukuba
Grid order: lobby points
Before each session the host will announce the group/restrictor class you need to be in to ensure close racing
Qualification 1 (example 2 laps Suzuka)
Race 1 (example 8 laps Suzuka)
Q2 - TBA
R2 - TBA
Q3 - TBA
R3 - TBA
Q4 - TBA
R4 - TBA

You can sign up posting “IN” in this topic and send me a friends request on Xbox Live.

Brought to you by the ETCC, a Forza Motorsport oriented racing community since 2007. |

I’m going to participate in this series.
Looking forward to another good series from ETCC.

A bit more than twenty-four hours left, gentlemen!

I urge any clean racers out there to sign up! It promises to be a great series, hosted by the brilliant ETCC racing league!

Sign up!