Sulcata Photographics | Macro / Close-up mega update Part 1 (50 photos) | 11th May 2024



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Awesome shot mate!

Loving this first set! The last 5 shots are very Pebb-esque artwork-y and I’m all for it

Thank you!

With regards to Pebb, with respect I wish people didn’t keep referring to anything Close-up/bodywork/artistic as “Pebb-Esque”. It’s an entire field of photography rather than one man’s personal style. I appreciate the fact that other than Pebb and Brokenvegetable, very little has been posted here on that front since the rest of us left several years back, though we’re still thriving elsewhere.

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A decade later and still putting out great stuff, some things never change

Now there’s a name! Glad to see you’re still around and thank you very much! It’s crazy to think it’s been a decade already since we were all here every day hosting galleries and running competitions. Hopefully we have a few others return to the forums so we can start rebuilding the community here.

The in-forum photocomps were a fantastic part of my childhood. This place fostered my real life interest in photography. Does Playground direct much traffic to the forums? I’m a bit out of the loop. It’d be nice to see a resurgence whether its old members returning or new ones joining.

I have a long list of competitions to run which I’ll be hosting on Instagram beginning soon. However, if there’s enough interest here then I’ll definitely see how it goes on that front.

Unfortunately not. With the rise of social media, the community is split up across Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Reddit. Even the developers have a discord server which further drives people away from the forums. I’ve always missed the joy of maintaining a dedicated gallery and then viewing others, alongside the focus on creating sets of photos for the galleries. There needs to be incentives to be involved in the forums again but other than the above, there is none. It’s too time consuming as opposed to social media.

I’m not on any social media so I’m probably missing out on a lot of the community engagement. What I like about forums is the focus of it, it’s not cluttered with irrelevant things, you’ve got a specific reason to visit. Time will tell I guess, what I noticed during my very brief FM7 forum visit was people posting in their galleries without commenting on others. Hopefully that’s changed.

I agree, the forums is so focused towards what we need that social media just can’t compare, other than perhaps Instagram. But even then, you have to find people rather than having a list of galleries to digest. There’s also a lack of customisation on social media, so you can’t make your gallery truly your own.

I can’t speak for posting as I’ve not really been completely active on the forums since FM6. However I myself can find myself slacking at times due to spending much of my life in work at the moment. Looking at other galleries and leaving a comment is all part of the fun though!

Great to see some detailed closeups (or should I say some Pebbs? :wink: ), clearly good style never changes.

Not to hijack your conversation, but hoping the quality of this game brings some people back. Forums are likely dead, as they have been in most realms outside of forza, but I secretly hope for the day when fanbases will be reunited and forums become treasure troves of information again

Haha! Glad you like my Pebbs! I feel bad for getting annoyed at the comments as I have so much respect for the work Pebb puts out. But that’s two galleries in a row the same guy has referred to my photos as Pebb mimics solely because of the fact they are not full body photos. Though I’ll just throw it out there and say that you’re the biggest influence for me going down the route of having more of a washed out look. It really helps to achieve what you want in your photos so I’ve been glued to it recently.

It’s possible to reinvigorate the forum communities but we’ll have to be the drivers of that regrowth. I’m partly to blame as when I took FTC over to Facebook to create Forzatography Central, swathes of the Forzatography community here came with me and then we all just gradually stopped posting here. Many of the big names have since for the best part vanished from the community altogether but if they do return, it’ll be on social media. After FTC cropped up on Facebook, over the months after that there were photography groups sprouting up left, right and centre and it’s a fractured maze-like mess.

I’ve since left the group behind in capable new hands and it’s grown into a photography/racing E-Sports hub that’s mostly focused on racing. Then I’m just here longing for the good old days again!

I’m actually in the process of creating a discord server to host competitions again alongside all the content I’ve created over the years. It would be nice to host stuff here too!

Fully understand that, Pebb’s work will always be some of the best this site has seen, but being defined by someone else’s style isn’t really fair to the amount of creativity you (or anyone else here) has. Really appreciate that man, I’ve weaned myself off the washed out look in my IRL work recently, but forza just looks beautiful in low contrast. Especially since we’re pretty limited without post-processing, the low contrast adds some dramatic flavour.

I remember the clubs the FTC and FTI really pushing the boundaries here, and it’s kinda sucks that the one thing that gave this site strength also took away from it. Just the natural progression of the internet I think. Definitely interested in the discord competitions, do post a link when it’s up and running!

He’s definitely got the knack for getting that perfect perspective.

Yeah, I tried the washed out look properly just before FH5 released and it’s really allowed me to amplify my photos. I’m now just experimenting to find my way with it. As far as post processing goes, I prefer to stay away from it end of. The photo-mode is a lot more powerful than people think and the possibilities have always seemed pretty endless. This time around I want to start really trying to utilise the game world and the photo-mode to see what I can get done, which means less of what I’m used to and more experimentation.

It is a shame how it all turned out with the clubs but I think we have the perfect opportunity to start afresh. No teams, no loyalties. Just one community as a whole. Will do, though I’ve decided to focus on forum stuff first for now, then get the Discord server running.

This is a great positive outlook, hoping for the best!

Really like the pop of colour of the paint in these two, and how well the contrast works between the paint and the dark carbon/plastic

A few more photos from the other night. I’ll make sure to do a comment run of other galleries tomorrow now that I have the day off!

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All great shots, but the steering wheel through the window, now that’s art

Thank you both!

No new set yet as I’m busy with other thing, so here’s some IRL photos instead.

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