Suggestion to allow input from wheel and controller simultaneously (Xbox One)

I have a Logitech G920 wheel but I have also built a handbrake which uses an additional xbox controller and the brake just actuates one of the buttons. In Dirt Rally I was able to configure the game to accept input from the controller at the same time as using the wheel. This does not quite work in the Forza Horizon games. Using the controller (handbrake) effectively “steals” the input away from the wheel causing all other inputs to go neutral for the period where the handbrake is depressed. Given the recent push by microsoft for more flexibility with controller schemes for disabled people and people with limited mobility, I thought I would suggest allowing this. Note that this is similar to co-pilot offered through the dashboard but that unfortunately does not support wheels.

+1 from me!

Nearly all other driving games allow this so it really ought be implemented.

Understandably, I don’t think the developers realise how much flexibility something like this gives to all players but particularly the disabled player base.

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All other games work fine… it is just these Top hats at forza that dont ever listen to there players… pretty shocking tbh… every game the bring its the same BS!! Works fine on pc :man_shrugging:t4:. Forza needs to fix up eles they are going to end up loosing so many players once the boat load of better car games come out later this year & next…

These lot just take your money, then give us a heap of :dog2::poop: nobody actually wants…