Suggestion for adding different styles of warning flashlights to ALL cars

Hi all,

As a player in Forza 5 for a year (quite new still), I started enjoying my time creating emergency service liveries, such as ambulances, fire and rescue. One thing that makes the livery not “real” is the missing flashlights in some of the cars. Sometimes I want to make a Japanese police livery but missing the V-shape warning lights, or in other countries, police vehicles use red-blue instead of a full-blue version.

Therefore, I wonder if we can have flashlights with different countries’ designs and the option to change the “colours” of the lights. It can give livery creators like me more freedom with imagination. The ultimate wish should be to enable every car to have the flashlight option, rather than limiting to a certain model.

Thanks for reading my suggestion and we’ll see.

Roam roam in Mexico!!