Subaru Impreza WRC 2001-2007

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Subaru Impreza WRC (GD)


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There’s only one releavnt one in this period.

The second to last, but arguably most iconic title winner from this period for Subaru (2001 Drivers, Richard Burns), maybe the last great Sedan in WRC


the 2001 richard burns car may be more iconic, but the 2003 petter solberg WRC winner holds a special place in my heart. the blobeye impreza is my favourite model, and solberg was one of my heroes growing up. this car was the last subaru to win the world rally championship.


Met PS & PM many times, shared a few laughs with them both. Super nice guys, and super talented of course.

I’m somewhere in the crowd in the third photo at Walters Arena.


WRC01 gravel spec. This car was generally more successful on gravel than tarmac. Richard Burns was able to score his final WRC win on gravel in New Zealand, in the year where he would win his only title.

Man, what a season that was. McRae and Burns fighting for the title all the way with Makinen in the fight as well (although given the Lancer WRC he got from Sanremo onwards, “in the fight” may be a stretch).

(Picture is from Rally Cyprus 2001, where Burns placed second behind McRae)


The 2003 version was great, especially in wet conditions, since the Pirelli tyres that Subaru used were much better than the Michelins in wet weather, in dry weather it was the opposite, but seeing the Subaru storm through the field when it rained was awesome :slight_smile:

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