Stutz Bearcat 1912-1924

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Stutz Bearcat 1912-1924

The Stutz Bearcat was a true sports car of its day, & is a name that still carries weight 100 years later! And by far the most iconic generation of Bearcat was certainly the Brass Era one from 1914-1916. One of the fastest street cars of its day! Would LOVE to see this in game!


Extremely pleased to see this car gain its own category! It was the Ferrari before Ferrari, the sports car before sports cars even existed, & definitely one of the most worthwhile Brass Age cars that could be added into the game!

(Apologies for commenting it on a different Stutz earlier :sweat_smile:)

Real ones remember this one specifically

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Personally i prefer the Sukhoi Berkut

Defo need more pre-war, interwar and pre-pre-war cars. :+1:

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Agreed! But what’s pre-pre-war? Haha, like Pre-WWI? Haha That would be extra awesome! I have no idea what driving, customizing or tuning cars like that would be like! Only way for any of us to experience this would be in a video game! Stanley Steamer Vanderbilt Racer, Marmon Wasp, Napier L48, are my personal picks :wink: