Storm Chaser Achievement won't unlock

I got the game last friday, and the first thing I tried was to get the Storm Chaser Achievement.
I’ve been through all kinds of weather multiple times.
I also did 300+ laps in multiplayer, and raced on every track (all 122 variations) at least two times and nearly finished the career.
So I would say I’ve seen every kind of weather multiple times, but the achievement never unlocked.

Then when the game was released for everybody, there was a little patch.
Everybody got the achievement easily, either after the first 3 races or at random.
Still there are ultimate gamers, who just can’t get it (some did though).

This can’t be right.

I’d agree; while I haven’t done as many multiplayer races as you seem to, i’ve def. done enough racing in the rain in the campaign and solo single player to have this achievement. I’ve read on multiple sites that this is one of the more buggy achievements.

I’ve got at least two friends that have played FAR less than me that have gotten the achievement VERY early in the game as well.

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Mine unlocked when I used the mod card that let’s it rain.

I tried it all, even your “Rain Mod” idea.
Freeplay with / without AI cars, different tracks, countless multiplayer races and I nearly completed the whole career.

Someone said I should just remove my local savegame and start the game offline to re-do the 3 intro races.
For me it wasn’t even possible to play the game offline, because it always wanted to sync the previous savegame.
Also trying to get your savegame back from the cloud is a real lottery, it didn’t work for 8 hours and I had to delete my whole local profile to get it working again.

It’s kinda sad.
People spent $100 to get VIP and early access and can’t even get the achievement.
While everybody with a standard edition got the achievement at the very beginning…

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I literally have had the exact same problem have finished the game etc. well over level 200 and it’s really unfortunate that those of us who spent good money on the ultimate edition or unable to do reap rewards. These games are incredibly buggy and it’s unfortunate I literally just bought an Xbox one ex hoping there might be a solution to not only this issue but other issues on my Forza tiers and achievements and yet nothing.

Mine popped on Tuesday (the day of release) after finishing the initial race on Suzuka before truly starting the single player campaign.


me to

The initial Suzuka race?
I though the intro races were Dubai, Mugello and Nurburgring!?
//edit: My bad, Nurburgring was the 3rd demo track.

Wait, you’re supposed to get it after the first Suzuka race? Never happened for me. What can I do?

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Oops, yeah the Nurburgring. It was Suzuka in the demo, I think.

Mine unlocked somewhere in the seeker championship. My son started to play the game first time today, it unlocked after the third intro race which is a race in the rain.

Since I’m VIP and he was on my home console, he also got all the VIP cars, 1 MIL credit. Pretty cool.

Right you’re supposed to get it at that point (at least most people got it there).
Except for ultimate edition players who started the game earlier than the 3rd of October (before the first update).
These players can’t re-do the intro races and are stuck without it.
Some got it randomly though.

Achievement not unlocking here too (VIP)
Nothing seems to work

According to TrueAchievements it will not unlock for Ultimate Edition players but regular players are getting it after the 3 introductory races.

I got this when i completed the 3 forced introductory races at the start of the forza cup,i am also on the ultimate edition.


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mine popped the day the 1st patch was applied

Same here, I have the Ultimate Edition.

It’s bugged, mine popped up while testing my tune on Yas Marina in career mode, the day the patch was released.

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Im on Ultimate and mine popped up also after the patch .

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I’m not even an Ultimate Edition owner, I started playing this Saturday. I even did a free play race in all rain conditions. Still no achievement. Hopefully T10 fixes it in a future update.

Got mine after finishing a random race with a clear sky and so did one of my mates.
Only achievment not granted for now is 250 mph, even though it says 100%.