Sternum1999's paints

Just getting back into it a bit. Figured I’d start off a thread and hopefully add more to the gallery.

Starting off with an easy one imported from an earlier game. Added a bit more to the design this time around. Quick and easy design to get off the ground. This one is on the 2014 Ford #17 AMD Tuning Focus. Going to try to work it onto some other cars in the near future.


Picked this up last night :frowning: welcome back bud
P.s. we still gotta use photobucket etc to upload pics?


Hello stranger!!! :grinning:
Great come back work!


You can upload them right here

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Thanks guys. Good to see some of the “oldies” still around.

Mimic…once I finally figured out where to get my pictures from, you can save them to your pc and then it’s just drag and drop into the comment box. It uploads it itself.

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Pfft… that doesn’t look like a Disturbed paint…


Yeah… where do pictures go?

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nice work sternum, mimic you can just drag and drop pics into your post now no need for hosting

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Feels like I’m having a flashback seeing the gamertags in this thread :slightly_smiling_face:

Nice design @Sternum1999 :ok_hand:t5:

You learn something new every day, nice one @PTG_FLUEX :+1:t5:


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Thank you

Hello Sternum, nice to see you again good sir! Focus looks smart! [AB]

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Focus looks great Sternum, I’ll definitely be rocking it in multiplayer this week. Good to see some of the old faces around here.

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Welcome back

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Welcome back! Atleast everyone realizes we’re all the “old school” players now! Having flashbacks seeing these gamertags! Cant wait to see what you do next!

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Thanks for the welcome! Another quick design to share now up. Evo IX…a bit of a throw back to a design that ABGRAPHICS and myself collaborated on in FM2. I couldn’t find a picture of the one that we worked on, but it had the same underlying design and colors. Hope I did it enough justice. :smiley: Pay no attention to the logos or number plate…they’re made up and I’m no logo master…lol.


Average at best :stuck_out_tongue:

Luv ya buddy :smiley:

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Well, thought I had already shared it. It’s up now…lol. Whoops :smiley:

:gem: great