Steam version wont let me log in through microsoft

I have linked my steam account to my microsoft account, my microsoft account works everywhere else, logging in is fine. When I boot FH4 it asks me to sign in, I click sign in button and, without choice, says “Something went wrong
There is a problem with your Microsoft account. To fix this, sign in to from a browser.”

obviously signing in online hasn’t fixed it, I have tried deleting xbox apps, reinstalling FH4, etc. Dont know what else to do. Also the support site has nothing on this, and there is no way to post a support question :confused: so here I am

I just purchased the Ultimate bundle on Steam and I’m logged into the MS Store, Xbox Live, and everything else I’ve seen and read about on the web, but when I start the game I still get the message pop up that says “Lets get you logged in” and does nothing, and then I close it and it says “You may not proceed without being signed in to a profile”. BUT I AM, so what do I do now? Any help is greatly appreciated.

Request a refund, if you have to ask why, just read these forums. It should be criminal to sell a game in this current state.

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I bought this game, went into it and then started registering. I started to register but accidentally entered the wrong e-mail and now it knocks me out that I have to enter the code from the letter that came to this e-mail but I do not have it, I do not own this almost. Also at registration it is possible to correct mail but it does not work and I cannot use this button, returns me back. To the main page. What should I do? Please help me. I really want to play your game.I am asked to enter a code with almost which I do not have and I can not change the mail to which the letter with the code should come. I also made a video so that you can more clearly understand my problem.

Please help me!

i bought forza today and installed it but when logging in i made a mistake in my email addres.
to fix the mistake it says i need to be logged in.
also i bought it via steam summer sale

Apparently wrong

It looks like this
I press on my account for hundreds of times but it still goes back to this page and nothing helps.
Reinstalled both steam and FH4 multiple times already.

IM honestly shocked. Support is not answering my emails, forum is dead for a whole freakin day…
Are devs don’t care anymore?

You are really new to the game, right?

Information incorrect it seems

Any other game that i need to sign in with microsoft account is working. This is why i think this is fh4 issue(multiple people having this too, on steam community forum).

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You might want to see this if you are still having this issue.
FYI, I am cross-posting this message to other threads across other forums so that it may help people who find them, including the OP if still relevant.

Possible Solution
Hello, I have some news that might interest you.
After several miserable hours contacting Microsoft & Forza Support and troubleshooting on my own, I think I have discovered 1 possible fix to this issue.
After some discussion, this fix also appears to be working for some other players.

WARNING: I am not an expert on this matter, I do not know the full impact of my idea, I cannot guarantee any results, and I cannot provide support to you if you choose to try my fix.
Please finish reading this post before trying it on your own.

I am not sure if this will work for you, but here is what I did:

  • Sign out of Xbox Live on your PC (might be optional)
  • Windows Key / Start Menu
  • Search for and open the “Credential Manager
  • Navigate to the “Windows Credentials
  • Scroll down to “Generic Credentials
  • Click on and “Remove” any Generic Credentials that start with “Xbl”.
    . . . . Examples look like this:
    . . . . > “Xbl_Ticket|12345…” (there is more)
    . . . . > “Xbl|12345…” (there is more)
    . . . . > “Xbl|DeviceKey
    . . . . Here is a screenshot of what these look like: Credential Manager | General Credentials | Xbox Live - Album on Imgur

My belief is that this could cause some applications that require your Xbox Live sign in to break or force you to sign in again.
Either way, this is the change that worked for me.
Also FYI, you should be able to sign back into your Xbox Live profile on your PC after this; I don’t actually know if you have to sign out, but I recommend it.

Please let me know if this worked for you!
I will probably share the solution in other threads/forums and then reach out to Forza Support to see if they can share it.
Feel free to share this with others and contact Xbox Live or Forza Support on your own as well; communicating with them has been very difficult…

I had purchased FH4 on the steam sale. When i lauched the app from steam and hit “Enter” to start the game it popped up a login box then had my windows account. clicking on it and then…nothing happens…dropped back to the same login screen. tried repeatedly…tried clicking on “add another account” and it booted me back to the same login screen.

Tried removing all the stored credentials for xboxlive as you put in you post and…SUCCESS…this time it asked for my xbl login name and password and all was good. Many many thanks for your post

Forza horizon 4 does not work in a multiplayer game
and the inscription pops up that the servers are temporarily unavailable

Can you explain the process step by step?


I just bought this game today hoping all of the issues would’ve been worked on and I had the same exact issue. I did make sure to log into all of the desktop xbox applications before starting the game and restarted my pc and still nothing helped. It’s outrageous that they offer to sell a game on a platform that clearly it wasn’t meant for and doesn’t work with. I feel like I was screwed over because I decided to get it on steam and not from an xbox/microsoft store which shouldn’t be an issue imo. I paid for the game and that’s a fact. I’m going to look into getting it refunded and idk if i’ll purchase it again. Embarrassing experience.