Static sounds during races only.

The static is caused by a Microsoft software issue. It’s been happening to me for months. From what I’ve read, Microsoft is aware of the problem. Completely powering down will temporary solve the problem

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This is apparently only a problem when playing Forza 5. The ONLY solution is to power down the Xbone and UNPLUG it, wait a few seconds and plug it back in and restart the system and game. Whatever is causing the problem is causing a hardware problem that requires a cold reboot to clear the problem. Turn 10, what’s up with this? Is there a fix coming from either you or Mother Microsoft?

I only get a bit of static when using the Xbox stereo headset. You all are getting it straight from the game via your audio system?

So far so good for the past 3 weeks. Havent had any issues looks like its been fixed.

Thank god!!!

I got this crap for the first time last night, online only. It was so bad I couldn’t hear when to shift.

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Mine just started the loud sound distortion as well a few days ago. Turned off the Xbox and left it unplugged for a few minutes and it went away. I haven’t played all that much until recently, but this started after updating to the most recent version of the game 2 days ago.

I haven’t noticed any static but I’ve noticed the music sound quality has degraded since the last update. It sounds like it’s coming from a tin can now. It’s not the console settings because my other games sound normal. Maybe your static was caused by the update.

I recently would get static noises after playing for 5 hours or more. I simply went to the Xbox home menu and pressed start and quit the game and started it up again. Worked great so anyone who has that issue give it a try.

When im racing i start hearing a crackling noise very annoying, I have to restart console, it s fixed for awhile thn starts crackling again. Ijust get pissed and t
urn it off

I think you guys talking about sounds like that:

And nothing helps. I made this 5 second push button reboot. it works for the evening, but on the next day it was back.
I turned off the xb1, all cabels off and after a while all cables on. the same as the other method, it works for the evening but on the next day it was back.
That is really annoying…same with the so called “slow motion lag”

Exactly. Starting with little crackles here and there, then It got much worse. Just in races, no problems at all in free play. As I posted in another thread, make sure to quit the game when you get back to the dashboard. It fixed it for me. No need to reset your console.

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I think I actually figured out what causes this problem, at least in multiplayer races. The other day I’m racing and I see my microphone symbol lighting up green while waiting in a lobby. I wasn’t making a sound. My house was silent. Then during the race some guy asks me to stop making that noise. I’m like “What noise??” He mimicked the noise, like a staticky tapping sound. I asked if he was sure it was me and he said yes, my name came up while the sound was happening. After we left the room I noticed that my rechargeable battery pack was low on my controller. I plugged it in and no more green mic and no more complaints about me making noise.

Again, this is multiplayer. I have also experienced static during career races but have no clue what that might be.

I’ve been getting semi-regularly over the last week or so when I play at a certain time of day. Before midnight UK time and the sound works perfectly but after midnight (in Multiplayer lobbies) I’ve increasingly found that I’m getting the noise.

Because of the time and multiplayer factors I was assuming a connection issue as my internet isn’t the fastest.

This happens to me from time to time, it seems to be when you go over bumps, change gears etc it gives off a static/crackling noise. All I do is exit to menu, click start on Forza 5 and quit game, then restart the game. Problem temp solved until there’s a permanent fix from T10, saves turning off and re-booting the whole xbox one all the time.

I also notice a lot of static / crackling - especially when using headphones.

Its terrible.

Power cycling the console fixed the issue for me. This included unplugging the power plug from the back of the Xbox and from the power brick for several minutes.

I read on some site a while ago, where a temp fix was mentioned. Go to settings → Disc & BluRay → Persistent Storage. This setting allows the console to clear BluRay data that has been cached. Clear the persistent storage a few times and go back to the game. It should sound normal now. This is not a permanent fix, but should keep the crackling sounds away for a while.

Yeah, this sound issue becomes rather annoying. It usually starts slowly for me too. First I will hear it from tapping a rumble strip, then it happens when I begin to brake, and after that it is almost any time I turn or accelerate. I would like to enjoy the sounds of the game, so I quit the game and play again until it happens. Hopefully there is a permanent fix or patch for it.

This is happening to me whenever I play the game for an hour or more. It usually happens gradually and gets worse the longer I play. Quiting and reopening the game fixes it temporaily, but its ridiculous I have to do this every time I play. I have powercycled and unplugged multiple times and it still does it. I have reinstalled the game once already. It calms me a little that not just I am having this problem but none of my other games do this. PLEASE Turn 10, this is preventing me from wanting to play this game and there needs to be a patch ASAP.

Have you tried what I mentioned a few posts above? I had the crackling static noise yesterday and cleared the cache for the stored BluRay data and everything is back to normal. I play a few hours everyday and the crackling static noise is non existent until a week or so after clearing the persistent storage cache. Hope this helps you, as it certainly helps me!!