Started my first watch face today on fm6

Hey guys started my first watch face its not so clear here but its a Rolex submariner seemed best as I have one so could sit it infront of me still to finish a little of the text but almost their , do any of you have good watch face designs? Rolex ferrari

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Rich guy here haha, nice Rolex seriously though. I love Watch face designs and yours is looking pretty good so far.

I did one for a Blancpain Lamborghini myself

Forza768 by Ace Ventura LeMans, on Flickr

Forza769 by Ace Ventura LeMans, on Flickr

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Yea that lambo is really good man my car designs aren’t that gd yet lol …my rolex was a gift defo not a rich guy pmsl but as for the watch face I made a Jacob and co face in fm4 but lost all my vynals :disappointed: so I need to redo anything I want to use …thanks for uploading the lambo paint its kinda helped me in direction for how to use these faces :blush:

No worries mate, your Rolex livery is looking quite good and all it takes is practice. Watch faces can be especially tedious and annoying so I wish you the best.

I did paint a watch back on fm4 but not since I got the One - your thread got me thinking, so had a go at one today, it’s more the sort of watch that I’d be likely to be given anyway. . . . .

In fact I’m almost sure I had one almost exactly like this lol maybe 25/30 years ago

Rolex with diamonds

Lol tht watch you done though is quality mate is that on the store front I am havin it if it is lol :grin:

Yeah it’s up there, it’s on the Abarth as pictured, just added a bit more shading to the watch and some retro logo’s. The Submariner came out well by the looks did a bit of a google of it before I started the Casio - to see if I could give you any pointers but looks like you have it pretty much down. Nice work.

The Rolex in full is rather nice mate and DamMe, you know what I think of your Casio.