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How are you all building and tuning the Elan for the Trial? I tried the Porsche 914/6 first, with a drag tyres build, and did okay, but was lacking in speed for the first 2 races, even though I could easily win the 3rd. I tried the Elan, but went for a fairly extreme stock tyres build, giving it crazy acceleration and speed, but I had to brake really early and slow down a lot for every corner. I won the first 2 races, and it was still decent for race 3 but the problem is so many people who do the Trial use the technique of sliding at 90 degrees into the wall on every corner, so if you have to brake early and slow down a lot, they just smack into you, and you never get the chance to do the lap times you can do on a clear track. I also tried that Elan build for the Meadows Sprint rivals, driving against Abell’s Daytona ghost, and I didn’t seem to have any acceleration or speed advantage, but he pulled away with better handling on the corners.

I’ve usually got so much distance from the others at the start that them slamming into me is a non issue.

I think Angel did a tune that was good or it might have been Forbidden Beef.

Will give the Meadows Sprint a run and see how i fare with my tune. I haven’t shared as i keep tweeking it all the time but when i get it right i will.

Looking at the Meadows times, I clearly need a good Plymouth Cuda tune. Just used the Elan to go into 9th - 1 second ahead of Abell. Could probably hunt down the two above me fairly easily which would leave only 5 Cudas and Barcode in his 166MM ahead of me (the top 5 would be out of reach).

I’m using Rayne’s tune Bree.

Edit - found another second or so with a few more runs to move up to 7th.

Thanks Jezza, managed to edge ahead of your ghost with Rayne’s tune, though I’m sure you can easily enough beat my new time, as your run was moments of brilliance interspersed with some obvious errors that you’d eliminate with more runs.

Yes, it certainly wasn’t perfect! Lost quite a lot of time in a few places. Makes me think the slowest of the Cudas might be catchable, a second or so ahead, but I think I’ll leave that one for now!

Is there a particular reason that the Koenigsegg CCX is ineligible for the Flight of the Valkyries event? Other Koenigseggs are viable and the car comes in under the class limit, even well equipped. Also, of the Volvos in the game, only the V60 Polestar seems to be available. Can I take it that there are issues?

That One Old Guy

I’ll be honest, the Playground Games event was kicking my butt. A guy on one of the opponent teams was kind enough to give me some tips and advice. He recommended the Mini Countryman.

After using it, I have to recommend it too as counterintuitive as it may seem. It’s small, quick, and nimble making you a pain for people to tag. It’s amazing at handling the bumps and jumps that kept tossing me around when I used other cars. Also, the water won’t slow you down as much as you think.

The same guy helped me get my win but I decided to do another round just to see how good the Countryman is and boy did I do much better in the games than I did with other cars I tried.

Used the Lotus Elan for the Trial and the Volvo V60 for the Valkyrie championship. Both cars made their respective events super easy.


Do take the “in the rain” part of Springin’ in the Rain as a hint and use a tune with all-season tires.

My S1 Aston did well, even in the rain, with race tires.
Also my Corvette in trial is fitted with vintage tires, so no problem with grip there.
I won all 3 evens, with something like 10 sec lead each (even tho I was DUI :slight_smile: ), might also try and tune Lotus now.

One thing baffles me tho, why do such high level players join trial in stock cars, trail dead last and DNF every race?

Happened quite a few times so far.

Ow, one of those “special” accounts …

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Like to see how they explain that to Xbox and PG games.

It is impossible to get to level 8 in 1 day 9 hours without cheating.


S2 Dirt for extra Zenvo. Yawn.

I didn’t need the Zenvo, but the dirt race was great fun anyway!

I am usually happy to come in 2nd or 3rd place in the Trial races, so imagine how excited I was last night to get 1900 points across the three races. That’s right, two firsts and a third which was very nearly a second. I got placed on a great team as well where we took the top 3 places in all races.



Why isn’t the Koenigsegg CCX able to be used for the Flight of the Valkyries event? I tuned it up to 998 and it says I have to buy an eligible car. I even tried to put rally tires on it which knocked it down to 986 and I still can’t use it. It is a sweedish car.


Hi all,

Cars/tunes/suggestions for this weeks online events, for those looking for such. All tunes are my own, all shared. ~ tune name / share code.

**Trial: “Classic Sport Cup” | Road Racing | (B700) Classic Sports Cars
**Car used: 1980 Fiat 124 Sport Spider (Autoshow 25,000 Cr)
**Tune: B700 Classic / 164 248 412

Something to be said for not tuning a car for the trial, of the six of us racing, three were tuned, these three were 1, 2, 3 on each race, while the untuned were last, or near last. For the trial I achieved a 1st, 1st, and 2nd, beaten by another Spider on the last race (they were 2nd in the first two races). Tune is AWD, turbo, with Forza air, running vintage tires (same spec as ‘street’ tires, different look).

**Seasonal Playground Games | Mortimer Gardens | (A800) Offroad
**Car used: 1976 Jeep CJ5 Renegade (Autoshow 60,000 Cr)
**Tune: A800 Games / 158 654 870

The games started 3 v 2 (I was on the 2 team), lost the first section, became 2 v 2 (yes, someone on the current ‘winning’ team left, or was kicked), we won the next three sections of the games, the event as a whole was very close, was a great games event for once! About the tune, swapped for 6.2L V8, upgraded tires. Very quick for the size of the event area, quicker than those I was matched against, edge of your set handling at high speed, watch for double bumps, as very light weight (808kg / 1781lbs), so can roll easily (does often return to its wheels, before reset however).


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Hi all,

Cars/tunes/suggestions for this weeks seasonal events, for those looking for such. All tunes are my own, unless otherwise noted, all shared by myself (or others). ~ tune name / share code.

This is the rest, sorry for the delay if anyone was waiting - have the flu, no, not that one.

PR stunts:
-Sudmoss speed Zone, 2018 McLaren Senna - ‘So Much Grip’ (921 240 335) by Don Joewon Song,
-Deep Vale Speed Trap, 2019 Rimac Concept Two, rally tires, no tune,
-Whitewater Falls Danger Sign, 2019 Rimac Concept Two, rally tires, no tune.

Solo championships - Raced against Expert, Steering: Simulation, ABS: on, Traction/Stability; Off, Gearbox: Auto.

**Championship: “Springin’ In the Rain” | Street Scene | (S1 900) Super GT
**Car used:2012 Aston Martin Vanquish (Autoshow 348,000 Cr)
**Tune: S900 Road / 121 219 204

Tune is AWD swap, with forza air, and twin turbos. Good grip in the rain in these events, plenty fast enough against the A.I. Has good grip, but tracks are wet, driving line (if used) does not correctly reflect corner danger (yellow - red).

**Championship: “Volkswagen Cup” | Road Racing | (B700) Volkswagen
**Car used: 1963 Volkswagen Beetle (Autoshow 20,000 Cr)
**Tune: B700 Road Grip / 157 374 240

Volkswagen cup, has to be the Beetle, if it can be made to work - and it can. The challenge circuit is ‘Bamburgh Coast Circuit’ due to the long straight, up hill, towards the start/finish line, the rest of the tracks are far less of an issue for the tune. The tune wins on grip, in fact in the sprint race, it is only necessary to back off the accelerator in a few corners, coast, and back on to the accelerator, no braking at all. Opponents will out launch, and out accelerate you, plus top speed is not great, however corners are your win, take them at high speed and you will catch everything (on expert difficulty at least, below should be easier, higher maybe difficult to not possible). RWD, with turbo and Forza air.

**Championship: “Flight of the Valkyries” | Dirt Racing | (S2 998) Sweden or Denmark
**Car used: 2015 Volvo V60 Polestar (Autoshow 62,000 Cr)
**Tune: S2 Dirt Rally / 540 111 848

S2 in the dirt is just insane. S2 using a hypercar (or a truck for that matter) is not only insane, it is completely unrealistic, so I didn’t use one. S2 here is basically Group B rally from the 80’s before it was banned, and this car/tune certainly handles and behaves like I imagine a Group B would feel - any feeling of having control is an illusion! Having said all that, this tune will beat the A.I. without any issues. Use a light touch, a little bit goes a long way here, this car will do hypercar speeds, and does accelerate like a hypercar, but none of that is needed on the tracks in this championship. Tune is 6.2L V8 swapped, with supercharger, Forza air (at max) running rally tires as you would expect.

Have fun, cheers.

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This seasonal playground games event was the most frustrating I dealt with, really because all but 1 other player on my team left not once or twice, but 7 times in a row, and usually after we lose the first round, making 1 vs 6 or 2 vs 6. Thankfully I found a good team and won the event, despite so many headaches.
At least the trial event wasn’t as bad, though I could’ve made my '71 Skyline faster but made it more-so for grip while having decent top end, but finishing 2nd in most of the races behind another player in a Fiat Spider was alright, although i gave em a run for their money. But one thing about the trial races that still irk me to this day, is the way your car’s handling would wig out whenever you try to pass a drivatar but make just slight contact in the process (i know it’s lag related, but it’s annoying)

speed i agree.
handlign was all over the place in trail. it was so bad even the ai where going all over the place.

i have a feeling this one will be bad to do. compare to last weeks…

The TRIAL was completed in a single event. The AI were overwhelmed by the team I was with and we won all three events.
The first event, we had two members finish last and it appeared they quit early. One AI finished with points at the end.

The last two events were a piece-of-cake whereby three of us played for the lead winning through the rest of racing events.

I raced with the 1958 Austin-Healey Sprite MKI and was a podium finish each time. I greatly enjoyed the Trial event.

The Sprite MKI was fantastic with a great tune from Valorster, (352 799 183), that you should try.

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No new cars this week so no reason to do chores I guess. lol My garage is practically full from all the new cars coming out anyway (and I only have a few duplicates) so anything I win at this point has to be deleted. They’ll have to up the garage count soon if they keep adding new cars or owning 1 of every car won’t be a possibility. I guess we can just delete some of the cheaper regular cars that can be easily bought anyway.